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Star Wars Prequels Movies Media Music

Star Wars Trilogy MIT Musical 212

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the how-could-i-not-post-this dept.
ArtieLange writes "The MIT Musical Theatre Group will be staging a musical version of the Star Wars Trilogy (Eps. IV through VI). There will be tap-dancing stormtroopers, singing Ewoks, etc." Apparently tickets are available if you're in the Boston area over the next week. Hopefully someone has the decency to stealth a digital camera in and post torrents before the premiere so it can be just like the features. There's no way it can be the worst Star Wars related thing out there (currently a tie between the Christmas Special and Episode I) even tho the music credits list Elton John and Andrew Loyd Webber along side John Williams.
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Star Wars Trilogy MIT Musical

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