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Stan Lee Celebrates 90th Birthday 57

Posted by timothy
from the let-us-now-praise-famous-men dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Congratulatory tweets and missives pour in to honor @theRealStanLee (nee Stanley Lieber), the Romanian immigrant who created or co-created most of Marvel Comics' memorable heroes. Lee celebrated his 90th birthday on Friday. Earlier this year, someone posted a collection of Lee's cameo appearances in Marvel Comics movies, often playing an older gentleman in the crowd ('Superheroes in New York? Give me a break!'), but watch for the time he plays himself, trying to get past a club bouncer ('I'm Stan Lee. I should be on that list!')."
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Stan Lee Celebrates 90th Birthday

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  • scratch my @ss (Score:0, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday December 30, 2012 @06:38AM (#42425327)

    Who cares if he had a big penis ?

  • Co-created. (Score:5, Insightful)

    by tverbeek (457094) on Sunday December 30, 2012 @07:40AM (#42425465) Homepage

    It isn't correct to say that Stan "created or co-created" those characters. It is "co-created" in every instance. The artist who designs the appearance of a comics character is as essential to the process of creating it as the writer. Since Stan is not an artist, and has never claimed to have designed the visuals of the characters, he hasn't simply "created" any of them.

    He's an enormously imaginative and influential creative force, without whom the American comics industry would be very different, and his vitality and charm at 90 is a testament to him as a person. There's no need to pad his résumé by denying the roles of Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and every other artist he has worked with over the decades, as co-creators of the characters they jointly brought into being.

  • Re:FUNKY FLASHMAN! (Score:4, Insightful)

    by tverbeek (457094) on Sunday December 30, 2012 @10:09AM (#42425843) Homepage

    To deny Stan Lee's role in creating the Marvel Universe is as dishonest as denying Kirby's.

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