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Man Of Steel Leaps Over Record With $125.1 Million To Mixed Reviews 364

Posted by samzenpus
from the It's-a-bird-it's-a-plane-it's-a-guy-in-front-of-a-green-screen dept.
The Superman reboot Man of Steel broke the record for the biggest June opening weekend ever with a whopping $125.1 million. Reviews have been mixed so far, ranging from: "DC and Warner Brothers have opted to produce a movie that foregoes a character-driven story. Instead, we're left with a trite blockbuster that holds beautiful special effects, an inspiring music score, a story that panders to the movie-goer who refrains from looking deep into the story, and neglects to define Superman as character, leaving him only as a hollow symbol and stock character, which ultimately leaves the movie about the events that transpire rather than the characters involved in them," to " What this version of the iconic DC Comics superhero does is emote convincingly. Thanks to director Zack Snyder and a serious-minded script by David S. Goyer (who shares story credit with his The Dark Knight collaborator, Christopher Nolan), Man of Steel gives the last son of Krypton an action-packed origin story with a minimum of camp and an intense emotional authenticity. Not bad for somebody who spends half the movie wearing blue tights." Personally, I found it to be the best 2-hour action sequence with 30 minutes of stock romance involving Superman that I am likely to see this summer. What did you think?
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Man Of Steel Leaps Over Record With $125.1 Million To Mixed Reviews

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  • by Bieeanda (961632) on Monday June 17, 2013 @12:19PM (#44030461)
    I read this 'stream of consciousness review' [ambarb.com] by Tom Scioli, and I'm intrigued enough to watch it on a cheap day now. To his mind at least, it's loaded with unspoken references to the weirder elements of Superman's canon and earlier films, and visual homages to Heavy Metal magazine and artists like MÅ"bius.
  • Re:that money (Score:4, Informative)

    by gl4ss (559668) on Monday June 17, 2013 @12:35PM (#44030701) Homepage Journal

    that money comes for 50% suckers that don't know about piracy and the other 50% is all the actors musicians and friends of there's and familly in the industry just shoveling cash into it to try and make it sound good

    A) this is not the same super man we all know and love
    B) its dark like all hollywood movies since 2001
    C) there is no distinction as you might think between good and evil anymore .....why cause hollywood itself is evil and hte movies are showing it.

    2.6 billion people on the net.....and all they can get is 125 million?
    yup the net voted this movie as IT SUCKS right there....

    eh.. it's opening weekend. piracy has nothing to do with it or people not knowing about piracy. I doubt they could have made much more in the opening weekend even in theory short of raising ticket prices.

    but after seeing the latest star trek.. omfg don't do reboots goddamn!!

    though how spaced out you need to be to think that actors are putting money _into_ opening weekend sales? you would think that people would notice those empty seats... like what the fuck, you think clooney is buying sympathy tickets for other peoples movies?!?#?!#

  • Re:Piracy much eh? (Score:5, Informative)

    by sjames (1099) on Monday June 17, 2013 @12:57PM (#44030989) Homepage

    Hollywood makes more money every year. They are one of the few industries that didn't see a big downturn in the crash.

    They are renowned for the 'creative' accounting they use to avoid paying out money they owe, so much so that it's now known as 'Hollywood Accounting". Finally, Hollywood only exists because they moved from the East Coast so they could pirate Edison's patents freely for a few years.

    It is AWFULLY hard to have any sympathy for them.

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