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Theater Chain Bans Google Glass 376

Posted by Soulskill
from the still-happy-to-charge-you-$8-for-popcorn-though dept.
mpicpp sends this report from Ars: A cinema chain announced Tuesday that it is now barring patrons from wearing Google Glass at its movie houses across the U.S. in a bid to clamp down on piracy. Alamo Drafthouse, which runs theaters in Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Texas, Virginia, and soon in California, is among the first U.S. chains to ban Google's computerized eyewear. 'Google Glass is officially banned from @drafthouse auditoriums once lights dim for trailers,' the chain's chief executive, Tim League, tweeted. The decision comes as Google has made the eyewear readily available to the general public, and it follows a slew of incidents in which wearers of Google Glass have had brushes with the law.
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Theater Chain Bans Google Glass

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  • by sixsixtysix (1110135) on Tuesday June 10, 2014 @07:44PM (#47207579)
    "cams" are straight-up, sitting-in-the-theater bootlegs.
    "telesyncs" are shot from the projectionist booth, with a telephoto lens and generally use the equipment's audio out synced with the video.
    "screeners" are are discs sent out, usually before awards season (but before the home video market), for people to screen.

    The more you know....
  • "no one minds someone discrtely checking there phone"
    I do. I mind very much. Guess what? A bright light in a dark theater is NEVER not distracting. And a phone at any dimmed level that is readable is bright in a theater.

    A cinema is where we go to quietly enjoy immersion into a film.
    You are being a distraction, you need to grow up.
    The fact that you are telling people who want other people to be polite to 'grow up' must require a huge ego to muster that much cognitive dissonance

    " and enjoy the movie."
    That's the problem, douche bags like you make it so we can't enjoy the movie.
    Watch it at home if your damn phone is so important.

It is the quality rather than the quantity that matters. - Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4 B.C. - A.D. 65)