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+ - Judge rules Java class names not copyright-> 1

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angry tapir
angry tapir writes "A federal judge threw out a small part of Oracle's Java lawsuit against Google on Thursday but allowed the bulk of the case to proceed. The judge rejected the bulk of Google's arguments but did agree to throw out one of Oracle's claims in the case. US District Judge William Alsup agreed with Google that the company had not violated Oracle's copyright by using Java method, class, API and package names that Oracle said were copyright-protected."
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Judge rules Java class names not copyright

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  • While the headline is accurate, it very optimistically misleads by omission. This was not the newsworthy portion of the judge's ruling. All of Google's other attempts for summary judgement that were submitted at the same time were denied. Google had attempted to reduce the case to a patent-only licensing case, but the judge saw their actions as a much larger copyright issue. The only thing he threw out was the file name copyright claims, which Oracle was silly to include in the first place.

    The headline i

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