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+ - How Will Amazon, Barnes & Noble Survive The iPad Mini?-> 3

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redletterdave writes "For about a year, Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble were almost completely alone in the 7-inch tablet market. It was nice while it lasted. The past few months have seen Google and Microsoft unveil their 7-inch tablet offerings — the Nexus 7 and Microsoft Surface, respectively — and it looks like Apple is about ready to get into the mini tablet game, too. If Apple releases its first "iPad Mini" next month, what can Amazon and Barnes & Noble do to keep the Cupertino colossus at bay, as well as the other new competitors in the 7-inch tablet game?"
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How Will Amazon, Barnes & Noble Survive The iPad Mini?

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  • People,

    1. Who already subscribed to Apple content services i.e. iTunes
    2. Who found regular iPad is too big/clunky to carry around
    3. Who never heard other available tablets options

    Sorry, but I am not excited at all about this device. I completely ruled out the possibility of buying any size tablet for the foreseeable future.

    As for my justification, I still think tablets are just a *toy*, and you can't use it for any hardcore productive activities i.e. coding, writing technical papers. Yes, it serves the purp

  • Microsoft's surface will be 10.6", larger than the iPad. http://www.microsoft.com/global/surface/en/us/renderingassets/surfacespecsheet.pdf [microsoft.com]
    Other inaccuracies from a cursory look at the article:
    * The Kindle fire was $300 cheaper than the cheapest iPad at the time it was released, but this is no longer true. The iPad2 is now only $200 more than the Fire.
    * Nobody outside of Amazon knows what it costs to produce a Fire, but recent articles suggest that it has fallen so Amaxon can now make a decent profit sellin

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