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Submission + - Senators Bash ISPs; Push Extensive Net Neutrality (

eldavojohn writes: Remember when Verizon sued the FCC over net neutrality rules? Well, Senators Maria Cantwell (D-WA) and Al Franken (D-MN) see it a bit differently and have authored a new working bill titled "Internet Freedom, Broadband Promotion, and Consumer Protection Act of 2011" (PDF). The bill lays out some stark clarity on what is meant by Net Neutrality by outright banning ISPs from doing many things including '(6) charg[ing] a content, application, or service provider for access to the broadband Internet access service providers' end users based on differing levels of quality of service or prioritized delivery of Internet protocol packets; (7) prioritiz[ing] among or between content, applications, and services, or among or between different types of content, applications, and services unless the end user requests to have such prioritization... (9) refus[ing] to interconnect on just and reasonable terms and conditions.' And that doesn't count for packets sent over just the internet connections but also wireless, radio, cell phone or pigeon carrier. ISPs would no longer be able to force users to sign up for phone or video nor would they be able to degrade any access to any legal content. Period. While Verizon's whining that the FCC has gone too far in their fist stabs at Net Neutrality, Cantwell and Franken have made it extraordinarily clear that the FCC has gone not far enough. Franken has constantly reiterated that this is the free speech issue of our time and Cantwell said, "If we let telecom oligarchs control access to the Internet, consumers will lose. The actions that the FCC and Congress take now will set the ground rules for competition on the broadband Internet, impacting innovation, investment, and jobs for years to come. My bill returns the broadband cop back to the beat, and creates the same set of obligations regardless of how consumers get their broadband."
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Senators Bash ISPs; Push Extensive Net Neutrality

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