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Submission + - How 'Watchmen' killed 'R'-rated fantasy movies (

An anonymous reader writes: Of all the Hollywood properties consigned to development hell in the reductionist policy of the last 3-4 years of bad economy, the very last to have a prospect of a green light are expensive fantasy and SF projects that fall outside the 'family' remit. Not even the addition of James Cameron to David Fincher's 'Heavy Metal' remake has stopped its begging-bowl passage from studio to studio; Robert Rodriguez's propriety of the 'Barbarella' remake likewise toured the world in vain, apparently umindful of the very unusual set of cultural and demographic circumstances that caused a major studio to back an 'erotic space opera' in 1968 — and to the fact that these circumstances are not likely to reoccur. David Fincher lamented in 2008 that the creation of dazzling artificial movie worlds is limited to family-friendly output — but in the long wake of the box-office disappointment of the 'R'-rated 'Watchmen' movie, there seems no current prospect that the adults will ever get to play with the kids' toys again.
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How 'Watchmen' killed 'R'-rated fantasy movies

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