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Submission + - The Humble Indie Bundle 3 Released (humblebundle.com) 1

JimWise writes: The fourth Humble Bundle Humble Bundle has been released (the third to be released was the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle). Included in this bundle are: Crayon Physics Deluxe by Klooniegames; Cogs by
Lazy 8 Studios; VVVVVV by Terry Cavanagh; Hammerfight by Kranx Productions; and And Yet It Moves by Broken Rules. Each of the games in the bundle is DRM free and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as available through Steam. As with the other Humble Bundles, you pay what you want and customize how much goes towards the developers, EFF, Child's Play, and the Humble Tip.

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The Humble Indie Bundle 3 Released

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  • I got the e-mail from the Humble Bundle crew announcing the Humble Indie Bundle 3 and thought I'd submit it here since this is where I first found out about the Humble Bundles. This was my first attempt at submitting a story, and looks like I messed a few things up. Any way I can fix these?

    1. Used the DRM straightjacket icon for the story instead of the Games joystick icon (I didn't know what the icons being shown in the lower corner of my submission meant or why it seemed to change at times.)

    2. Unneede

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