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Submission + - Android Gains Navi-X Media Streaming ( 1

__aajbyc7391 writes: The recently released Amo Boxee Remote Control v2 app for Android offers an enticing feature to Android users: standalone streaming of thousands of multimedia titles from Navi-X's extensive database directly to their smartphones and tablets. Navi-X is a content aggregator and media browser that gives users access to a wide range of multimedia content available on the Internet, including commercial sources, independent video hosting sites, and user-contributed listings of media in the form of playlists for browsing and selecting media. The content indexed by Navi-X includes TV shows, movies, music, podcasts, pictures, RSS /XML feeds, webpages, live streams, text.
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Android Gains Navi-X Media Streaming

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  • Hey Folks, This is Bill Daly with Team Navi-X!! Thanks goes out to Neveroffline for his creation of the Amo Boxee Remote v2 for Android!! Without it and the integration of Navi-X as an option on his app, Navi-X would not even be available on the Android platform today. While Navi-X is definitely one of the highly requested features of this app, it also allows you to pull up content as well on local and network storages on your local network and has a pretty nice search feature that allows for an extensive

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