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wiredmikey writes: "Oliver Rochford writes an interesting piece on how in the western world, there is an entire commercial class of security professionals, an underground of Black Hat hackers working for financial gain, but few Hackers serving as cyber warriors.

China has publicly announced the formation of a specialized cadre of cyberwar experts, although it was clear they already possessed such forces. At the same time, Iran, Pakistan, and Russia all seem to have developed cyberwar strategies as well, and are actively engaging in executing these.

Rochford argues there is a disjoint here. Why is a nation like China, that is seen as oppressive and controlling in the west, able to motivate, cultivate and harness their hacker types, whilst ours primarily seem occupied in hacking ourselves or for the highest bidder?

When a western government has to resort to a cheap media gimmick to attempt to find cybersecurity talent, and delivers a badly thought-out and executed fiasco, only to offer an even cheaper financial reward at the end of the farce, you sort of get a feeling that we’re in trouble.

So, Rochford asks, where are our cyberwarriors? Where will they be when we really need them? With us, or against us?"

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Where are the Cyber Warriors?

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