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Submission + - KLM airlines lets you pick a seatmate using Facebook (msn.com)

suraj.sun writes: Today in Amsterdam, KLM launched a new social networking program that allows passengers to link their flight reservations with their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, find out who else is on their flight and make a seat selection or other flight-related plans using that information.

Here’s how it works: Using KLM’s ‘Manage My Booking’ section, passengers flying on intercontinental flights choose personal information from their Facebook or LinkedIn account to share with other passengers and then link their flight reservations to their profiles. The reservation program allows passengers to choose a seat between 90 days and 48 hours before departure.

MSNBC: http://travelkit.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/02/03/10310585-klm-wants-air-travelers-to-get-social-in-the-sky

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KLM airlines lets you pick a seatmate using Facebook

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