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Submission + - Google buys Songza, a Pandora-like player where context is king (cnet.com) 1

mpicpp writes: For all the flash of Apple buying Beats, Google's purchase of Songza gives it an online music service focused on anticipatory contextual playlists — key to an "Internet of Things" future.

Songza focuses on playlists curated by music experts that are designed for specific activities or ocassions and then suggested to specific listeners based on seven points of context: day of week, time of day, the device used being used, weather, location, what the particular listener has done before with the service considering those previous five points and then what all other Songza listeners have done before given the first five context points.

The prompts that Songza puts in front of listeners — looking for a playlist while working in an office or while driving home during a hot summer day? — mean Songza users volunteer information about what their doing for Songza to digest about future habits.

"There are very few services that people want to tell exactly what they're doing at any given moment," Roman said. "The thing that's really important is the ability to use data in a way that makes people's lives better."

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Google buys Songza, a Pandora-like player where context is king

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