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German Newscast Confuses Star Trek Terrorists With Navy SEALs 1

Posted by samzenpus
from the check-your-sources dept.
RobertNotBob writes "In a gaffe of galactic proportions, a local newscaster in Germany apparently goofed a Google search and displayed a logo from the series Deep Space 9 instead of the logo used by the Special Operations team that is widely reported to be the group that recently killed that famous terrorist earlier this month, (name omitted because I am, quite frankly, sick of hearing about him). Enjoy the story, and see if you notice the bat'leths at first glance."


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German Newscast Confuses Star Trek Terrorists With Navy SEALs

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  • by Stone2065 (717387)
    Great job... talk about a lack of research skills... or at least RELEVANT research skills. Now, if he was looking for Star Trek stuff...

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