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Angry Customer Buys Promoted Tweets To Bash British Airways 286

Posted by Soulskill
from the why-make-the-money-if-you're-not-going-to-enjoy-spending-it dept.
An anonymous reader writes "After the airline lost his father's luggage (and presumably was less than helpful in resolving the issue), one man decided to use Twitter's self-serve ad platform to issue a warning to fellow travelers in the New York and UK markets. The tweets have gotten the attention not only of media outlets, but also of fellow airlines. A JetBlue executive even retweeted it. While companies use the platform to target customers, it's interesting to see it being turned around."
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Angry Customer Buys Promoted Tweets To Bash British Airways

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  • by alen (225700) on Tuesday September 03, 2013 @03:44PM (#44749841)

    because of this one tweet. it opened my mind to how evil this company is burning customers' luggage for the fun of it

    thank you thank you thank you

  • Re:Incoming (Score:5, Funny)

    by mspohr (589790) on Tuesday September 03, 2013 @04:08PM (#44750181)

    Au contraire...
    I've found that I get great service on Slashdot for legal questions. You can ask anything and get lots of different answers in minutes. None of these people are actual lawyers but that doesn't stop them from expounding at length (as if they were getting paid by the hour) about any subject. The usual barriers of accounting for different laws in different jurisdictions are never a problem here. You can get legal advice for any country just by extrapolating answers from the five or ten countries represented in the typical answer set.
    Best of all, it's free and open source!

  • by alen (225700) on Tuesday September 03, 2013 @04:15PM (#44750275)

    the tweet was in NYC. english time is a few hours of ahead because the earth is curved and we have these things called time zones

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