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Intel's Attempt At A-La-Carte Television Hits Delays 102

bill_mcgonigle writes "Updating the previous story, Forbes and Gigaom are now reporting that Intel is running an internal startup aimed at offering an internet-connected set top box with a-la-carte 'cable' channel subscriptions. They also apparently plan to record everything and offer all content on-demand. While some are skeptical that content providers will give up their cable cash cow and they've run into licensing problems already, perhaps the economic effects of cord-cutters will finally make this business model viable."
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Intel's Attempt At A-La-Carte Television Hits Delays

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  • Re:Duh (Score:5, Interesting)

    by balsy2001 ( 941953 ) on Wednesday January 02, 2013 @09:52PM (#42457279)
    Exactly, and they won't change until enough people cut the cord. When there are enough of us, they will be forced to change their behavior. As I see it, they can get nothing from me or they can offer me the product I want for a reasonable price. For me that product is A-La-Carte programming for around $1 per channel per month (except ESPN which I would probably pay several times that).

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