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2001: a Space Odyssey's Dave Returns To Sci-fi In New Film 77

An anonymous reader writes "Indie Kickstarter-funded short HENRi stars a sci-fi legend in a role very much like HAL-9000 — with a twist. Wired writes: 'If it sounds a little bit like 2001: The Later Years, then here's the real twist: HENRi, the ship/body, is voiced [by] Dr. Dave Bowman himself, Keir Dullea.' In a making-of video for the film, Dullea says, 'I guess you could say the character of HENRi was a sane version of HAL.' The film itself utilizes a mixture of the old and the new — combining live-action sequences with puppetry, quarter-scale miniatures, and modern CGI. The official trailer has just been released."
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2001: a Space Odyssey's Dave Returns To Sci-fi In New Film

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  • Uhm... GERTY? (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday February 28, 2013 @04:26AM (#43032385)

    This sounds interesting and all, but I can't help but point out that a 'sane/friendly' HAL was already done in Moon... and I find it hard to imagine a better anti-HAL than GERTY. GERTY FTW
    - X0mbiRapt0r (not Anonymous Coward, just at work without proper access required to create account/profile... also slightly lazy)

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