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Television DRM

Amazon Debuts Mixed Bag of Original Comedy Pilots 67

itwbennett writes "Amazon sent out a press release over the weekend announcing that the pilots for their original shows 'held 8 spots on the list of 10 most streamed Amazon VOD episodes.' So blogger and entertainment junkie Peter Smith decided to spend a couple of hours seeing if they were worth watching. He managed to sit through 4 of the 8 comedy shows and found a mixed bag — one a clear miss, two meh, and one he'd like to see turned into a series. Have you watched any of the pilots? What did you think?" The quality of these the pilots is not the only way they're a mixed bag: for many Linux users, they're simply not watchable. Watch soon for unknown_lamer's screed on the fat lot of good(will) Amazon is generating by making it harder to legally get these shows.
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Amazon Debuts Mixed Bag of Original Comedy Pilots

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  • by 00Monkey ( 264977 ) on Tuesday April 23, 2013 @12:21PM (#43526021) Homepage

    Here's what I did in Ubuntu 12.04 to watch them:

    1. Use Firefox.
    2. Make sure Firefox is closed.
    3. Run: sudo apt-get install libhal1 hal
    4. Run: rm -rf ~/.adobe/Flash_Player/NativeCache ~/.adobe/Flash_Player/AssetCache ~/.adobe/Flash_Player/APSPrivateData2
    5. Launch Firefox and enjoy.

    After I did this in Firefox, I was able to watch them in Chromium too but ran into problems trying to get it working in the first place in Chromium. I've read that Google Chrome simply won't play them on Linux because of some recent changes Google made. So, yea... not as easy as it should be but it should be watchable unless I've missed a different reason why they're not watchable for so many users.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday April 23, 2013 @12:31PM (#43526177)

    This didn't work on Damn Small Linux running on a Raspberry Pi, and I'M GOING TO YELL ON THE INTERNET ABOUT IT until someone fixes it!!!!!!

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