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The Bronies Get Their Own Charity 417

blackbearnh writes "There's a long history of media fandoms organizing fundraising campaigns, donating blood, and doing other charitable activities. However, even large and well-established groups such as Trekkies/ers and Star Wars fans usually work with established non-fannish charities like the Red Cross or Toys for Tots. Some may see them as a plague on the Internet, the Brony community has taken their charitable endeavors to the next level by going to the trouble of creating a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity. The Brony Thank You Fund received word from the IRS last week that, after nearly a year of work, they had been granted tax-exempt status. The Fund is currently raising donations to endow a permanent animation scholarship at CalArts, and is the same group that made news last year when they became the first fan group to purchase commercial time on national TV, for a 30 second spot praising My Little Pony and encouraging donations to Toys for Tots."
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The Bronies Get Their Own Charity

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  • Brohoof (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward

    Brohoof to fellow bronies.
    This is the sort of thing that makes our fandom so great.

    • (\ Brohoof!

      It's been a couple years since we last had something on Slashdot, so I'm glad to see this up here.
    • WTG bronies.

      Bring back the 1-April-2006 Slashdot theme to celebrate.

    • by Remus Shepherd ( 32833 ) <remus@panix.com> on Tuesday May 14, 2013 @09:20AM (#43719031) Homepage

      (\ Brohoof back at ya.

      Yes, it's a silly fandom for a kid's show. But it's an amazing community unlike any I've seen on the internet -- and I've seen a lot. The creativity and generosity of this fandom is off the charts, and that's the kind of crowd with whom I'm proud to associate.

  • by SWroclawski ( 95770 ) <serge@@@wroclawski...org> on Monday May 13, 2013 @10:11PM (#43716365) Homepage

    I guess it's good they're doing charity, but it's just so creepy.

    • by Greyfox ( 87712 )
      Hmm. I wandered over to the dropzone after work to get a skydive in. In the tandem waiting area, they have 3 TVs up, one of which has sound. The screen with sound has recently been tuned to a reality TV network which yesterday was featuring a segment of people getting hit in the nuts. Today it was some cops thing. I can't wait there too long, I feel my brain cells killing themselves one by one. They survived all that tequila, and now this. Terrible way to go.

      In this media wasteland, you could do worse tha

  • by Anonymous Coward

    is it a prank? rebranded furries? an ironic hipster meme collapsed under its own weight and is now self aware? inquiring minds want to know!

    • by blackbearnh ( 637683 ) on Monday May 13, 2013 @10:28PM (#43716457)

      How about people who are genuinely appreciative of an animated cartoon with all-ages appeal, quality animation, and great voice work.

      Not everything needs to be some kind of snarky ironic entity. There's room in the world for sincerity, as much as the Internet tries to beat that sentiment into oblivion.

      And for the record, less than 20% of bronies self-identify as furries, the vast majority are heterosexual, and the fandom has nothing to do with pedophilia.

      • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

        by Hartree ( 191324 )

        You're locking up the stable after the horse has already bolted, as it were.

        The boring truth about most fandoms can hardly compete with the lurid imaginations of those desperately searching for someone they can consider more hopeless than they are.

        Remember. These are Slashdot ACs, the most pathetic losers ever to inhabit their mom's basement. 'Nuff said.

      • by Osgeld ( 1900440 )

        quality animation? seriously ... the ponies would not have passed as a flash animation 10 years ago, and they say nothing relevant

    • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

      by _KiTA_ ( 241027 )

      is it a prank? rebranded furries? an ironic hipster meme collapsed under its own weight and is now self aware? inquiring minds want to know!

      Yes, it's a form of Furry Fandom. Basically "Furries" as modern people know it were the same thing as bronies, except instead of being fans of My LIttle Pony they were fans of Robin Hood, Albedo, or Omaha the Cat Dancer.

      These modern furries are just coming from the My LIttle Pony reboot, which apparently is a very good show (never bothered). They try to distance themselves from the "old" furry fandom, but there is an incredible amount of overlap in the two communities, both in members, culture, and themes

      • by Hartree ( 191324 )

        " "Furries = Perverts" forced meme that SomethingAwful pushed out."

        The real joke of this, is a number of the SA Goons who pushed the anti-furry meme hardest are furries themselves. (And at least a couple of those are regular posters here on Slashdot. They can out themselves if they wish. I'll just whistle innocently.;)

        • All I can say with certainty about the furry fandom, and its predelections for depictions of sexual gratification, and other things commonly associated with being "perverted", is that during that particular era, I had numerous requests to illustrate such scenes, which I tacitly declined to do, and when I did make an anthropromorphised character, frequently had lurid demands of giving it a giant dick hurled my way.

          My response to these tactics was to produce Guro images involving furries demanding giant penis

          • by Hartree ( 191324 )

            "Guro images involving furries demanding giant penises,getting said penises in ways they clearly did not find favorable"

            Somehow, I bet there would be a market for those. (It's sort of an extension of rule 34)

            Welcome to fandom of all kinds. From fantasy chainmail bikinis with "modifications" to anime drawings that defy the laws of physics (let alone any form of taste).

            It comes from having human beings that don't necessarily have a whole lot of social skills and do have a whole lot of androgens.

            Imagine what t

    • by femtobyte ( 710429 ) on Monday May 13, 2013 @10:41PM (#43716543)

      Real sincerity is the new ironic fake sincerity.

      Actually, the show writing isn't the horrible syrup you might expect --- it's actually made to be tolerable for a parent to watch alongside their kids. There are frequent joke references that would go *completely over* the head of the "target" demographic age, but are thrown in for 20 to 30-year-olds. The voice/character acting is high quality. There is surprisingly little blatant "buy all our playsets and toys!" pushy in-show merchandizing (especially for a kids' TV show produced by a *toy company*). And the main character is a "nerd" portrayed in very positive light --- the show has a refreshing air of anti-anti-intellectualism, and is the opposite of "math is hard! let's go shopping!" Barbie.

      • by foniksonik ( 573572 ) on Monday May 13, 2013 @11:57PM (#43716987) Homepage Journal

        I've watched every episode and can say without a doubt that the production quality of the show is extremely good. The story arcs are well crafted, the character building is great and even the side plots have a purpose beyond mere entertainment. The only thing I wasn't thrilled about was the Miss America tie in for last season's finale. It fell flat IMHO. The finale itself was good though.

        Gotta say I'm a Pinkie Pie fan, her slapstick comedy routines are timed perfectly. She did a spit take in one episode that had me ROFL.

        If I were to place MLP with a peer set of TV series it would be Breaking Bad, The Wire, DragonBallZ, FireFly, Cowboy BeeBop and maybe GOT (it still hasn't proven itself, we'll see how this season wraps up).

      • by ChromeAeonium ( 1026952 ) on Tuesday May 14, 2013 @12:20AM (#43717069)

        And the main character is a "nerd" portrayed in very positive light

        The creator if the show did state that she wanted the main characters to have a wide variety of traits (the hard working one, the nurturing one, ect) as a kind of 'you can be who you want no matter what it is' message to the target audience of young girls. The nerdy one being the lead was a nice touch.

        Also, a fun bit of trivia /. readers will probably appreciate, an episode once had a that character [imgur.com] working with time dilation equations [wikipedia.org] here.

  • by ChromeAeonium ( 1026952 ) on Monday May 13, 2013 @10:57PM (#43716619)

    The Fund is currently raising donations to endow a permanent animation scholarship at CalArts

    The Klingon Language Institute also has a scholarship [kli.org] so fandom born scholarships are not unheard off.

  • Heh. (Score:5, Interesting)

    by ZorinLynx ( 31751 ) on Monday May 13, 2013 @11:09PM (#43716699) Homepage

    Watched the show at the behest of a friend. Liked it, it was very enjoyable. Told a different friend about it.

    She got about ten times more into it than I did. She started a meetup group in New York, then created a brony *convention*. She invited me to come up and help.

    So I did. And I met a bunch of new, fun people in the process.

    I always liked the show, but never took it as far as some of the other fans. The whole thing ended up causing me to meet a large group of fun, quirky people, so overall it was very positive.

    I haven't been too involved in the past year, since a ton of drama started up and I got tired of hearing about it. I'll probably still watch the show, but my days of flying up to NYC for cons is over.

    Though I'll likely be up there to visit friends in the summer. Oh, and Rarity is best pony. Sorry folks. :)

    • I am similar - I like the show, like some of the fanfics, have a few figures but that's it. I'd rather buy a good tape deck than some expensive (custom) figure etc. Don't know of any meetups within ~30km of where I live, but I would probably go to one if there was one and I had time.

      Oh, and Twilight is best pony. And now she is best princess too (Luna is a really close second though).

    • Pinkie Pie forever!

  • until this story appeared. This could be the inspiration I've needed for a new video!
  • if they had called themselves the "Brony Patriot Thank You Fund", we'd have a different story.

  • by roc97007 ( 608802 ) on Tuesday May 14, 2013 @01:30AM (#43717319) Journal

    Daughter (who just graduated high school) watches My Little Pony (the current incarnation, not that horrible 1980's crap), and I've seen a couple episodes, and ... you know ... kids could be watching worse things. The writers don't talk down to the viewer, the dialog is fast and witty and sometimes genuinely funny, and they don't beat you senseless with the moral.

    She was part of a brony group in high school, but about half of them quit when the other half got.... wayyyyy too into it. But that's not necessarily a reflection on the show. Geeks can take anything and make too much of it. (Ahem...)

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