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'Iron Man' Director Jon Favreau Will Write And Produce a Live-Action 'Star Wars' TV Series For Disney's New Streaming Service (cnet.com) 90

From a report: Jon Favreau is going from "Avengers" blockbusters to a galaxy far, far away. The director, actor, producer and writer will take on a Star Wars starring role by helming a series destined for Disney's new streaming video service. While Favreau is multi-talented, his focus will be on producing and writing the unnamed show. Favreau is a bonafide Star Wars fan who voiced a character in the animated "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and also has appearance in the upcoming "Solo: A Star Wars Story."In a statement, Favreau said, "If you told me at 11 years old that I would be getting to tell stories in the Star Wars universe, I wouldn't have believed you. I can't wait to embark upon this exciting adventure."

'Iron Man' Director Jon Favreau Will Write And Produce a Live-Action 'Star Wars' TV Series For Disney's New Streaming Service

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  • by PopeRatzo ( 965947 ) on Thursday March 08, 2018 @02:33PM (#56228537) Journal

    Jon Favreau is a well-known SJW and will probably ruin the entire franchise by making the Empire the bad guys this time.

    • by Anonymous Coward
      The franchise seems to be intent on ruin without Mr. Favreau.
      • I don't care anymore. At all. I'm sure Disney will manage to squeeze money from the franchise for years to come simply because the notion of Star Wars is so firmly embedded in our collective consciousness but there is no wonder or even much in the way of nostalgia left for me.
    • It took Luke three movies to get to be a full Jedi, some chick from the desert did it in one movie. That's how you kill a franchise.

  • All of the EU Star Wars shit is crap. I don't care what Disney has canonized, or which shitty cartoon came in after the last canonical axe fell.

    Star Wars canon is:
    Star Wars
    Star Wars: Holiday Special
    Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
    Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
    The various Star Wars PSAs from the era of the original trilogy (drunk driving, immunization, etc.)

    I'd even accept the prequel trilogies before I accept the shitty CGI cartoons and the Disney shit.

    • I accept that Qui-gon died for the prophecy of the chosen one.
      • Speaking of the prophecy...What did Qui-gon think would happen? At the time there were no known Sith and Jedi were everywhere. If Anakin would bring balance to the force that means bye bye Jedis.
        • Thank you! I thought that conclusion was pretty obvious to see, even if I hadn't known who Anakin was destined to become.

          • by jwhyche ( 6192 )

            Sometimes being a stubborn jackass isn't a good thing. Qui-gon.

            I remember saying right after Anakin killed off all the Jedi trainees, "well he did bring balance to the force." The people that I was with didn't think it was that funny then. I thought it was hilarious .

    • by halivar ( 535827 )

      What you've described is called "head canon." It's the opposite of canon.

    • add to that list the two Ewok movies and the Brian Daley Han Solo trilogy and you're golden
    • What about I.M.P.S.? http://impstherelentless.com/ [impstherelentless.com]

  • No thanks. (Score:5, Insightful)

    by RyanFenton ( 230700 ) on Thursday March 08, 2018 @02:57PM (#56228709)

    I liked the first three Star Wars movies. Fun, clever writing for the era they were filmed in, explored ideas in a way that made sense for their circumstance without cheap drama, considering their inspiration of old serial films. Ewoks were annoying, but they didn't take up much time.

    The prequels sucked. Basically they upped the cheap drama, placed an extra-whacky Ewok-equivalent front and center, and replaced the ideas with empty aphorisms and ... midiclorians.

    The recent follow up movies suffered many of the same problems - cheap drama followed by ANGRY cheap drama, and that modern-sci-fi variant of stretching all ideas out into teases for franchises. Lots of spinning wheels, nothing to really take with you.

    The whole point of stories is that they are shared dreams. I'm not seeing anything worth while being explored for the past several decades of this franchise with those dreams.

    Well, at least with the films. Tie Fighter the game, and the old RPG KOTOR were really fascinating in their take on ideas they explored - but I'm not seeing any real follow up on that stuff. Just more empty drama with the recent games/multiplayer things.

    If I see someone paste clips on youtube, I'll take a peek, but no a-priori fascination off the bat.

    Ryan Fenton

    • by Rexdude ( 747457 )

      The recent followup movies simply reset everything - episode 7 was a remake of episode 4, and 30 years after defeating the Empire, the good guys are again stuck as the underdog against a 'new order' (of what, takeout?) pulled out of the director's ass. The Last Jedi took the already bad story and distortions in continuity and made it worse with a dose of pandering to the SJW crowd.

  • Jar jar, the younger years. With baby wookies

  • by rtkluttz ( 244325 ) on Thursday March 08, 2018 @03:04PM (#56228757) Homepage

    Will I be nickel and dimed by every movie studio and TV channel separately. I'm a cord cutter. I will use ONE service and one service only and it will be the one that has the most content and the one that most liberally allows me to use devices, apps and operating systems that don't track my every movement. That or I'll either do without or pirate. It's their choice. DRM has gone beyond a way to police content, it is now forced as a way to force you to use entire content delivery systems that they control.

  • by MightyMartian ( 840721 ) on Thursday March 08, 2018 @03:15PM (#56228811) Journal

    If Favreau is given some independence, this might not be bad. He's actually made some pretty darned good films over the years in a number of different genres. Elf is one of my favorite Christmas films (not to mention one of the few Will Farrell vehicles I actually enjoy), and Zathura was a pretty worthy semi-sequel to Jumanji. My problems with Iron Man are more to do with the fact that I never particularly liked the character, but it was a well made film.

    • OK, I like going to Vegas once a decade and wearing a nice shirt. And who wouldn't want to be a rich actor?

      Favreau wrote, directed, produced, and starred in Swingers in 1996. I still enjoy it, people wanting everything but just doing regular stuff because they don't know what to do (or it's not possible).

      Getting nostalgic, around that time (a bit before), Floundering came out, a movie I have watched quite a few times, showed it to my future wife about a week into dating (couple of decades in so far):
      http:/ [imdb.com]

  • There was some guy in a bathrobe, telling me:

    "This is not the streaming service you are looking for."

  • by schweini ( 607711 ) on Thursday March 08, 2018 @03:33PM (#56228923)
    After having dismissed the Clone Wars and Rebels animated series for looking very childish, I have finally come around to binge-watching them, and I think they are great!

    The Star Wars universe lends itself beautifully to TV series, because there are a gadzillion of little back-stories to tell and flesh out. It really makes the universe come alive even more.

    That being said, the animation style takes some getting used to, but I didn't even notice it after a couple of episodes in. But something that does constantly cross my mind is "I bet they couldn't have done this battle sequence, or space combat sequence if it were live-action, so lucky us that they decided to do it in animation!"
    So, a live-action tv-series will have to cut back on effects and complexity quite a lot. I would prefer them to go animated, again.
    • by AmiMoJo ( 196126 )

      CGI is so cheap now they can probably do a lot on the budget Disney will provide for this. Look at Star Trek Discovery as an example. Almost every scene has CGI in it, and pretty good CGI at that.

  • In a statement, Favreau said, "If you told me at 11 years old that I would be getting to tell stories in the Star Wars universe, I wouldn't have believed you."

    Jon, you're so money and you don't even know it.

  • The Force is so money.

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Three words: The Shannara Chronicles.

    So if you're looking for someone to ruin your childhood memories look no further...

  • To get this you'd need to sign up for disney's streaming service... Not going to happen. I don't subscribe to a service for one show. Was it CBS and that Star Trek show they offered on Streaming only? That didn't last. This won't either.

    Dear disney. Do you want to get your shows pirated? Because pulling your content from netflix and starting your own service is how you get your pirated.


  • If Disney think I'm going to subscribe to yet another streaming service just for Star Wars, I've got some bad news for them. I'll binge them during my trial periods, each and every season.
  • Disney has ruined Starwars.

  • Who's the leader of the cult that rules eternity?
    A-n-a [youtu.be]
    k-i-n [youtu.be]
    V-a-d-e-r [youtu.be]

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