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Need A Few Post-Its Around The Office? 393

An anonymous reader writes "Like every company, we have an office prankster. So, whenever anything goes wrong -- say, your chair starts making unusual noises or your CD tray starts popping out for no reason, invariably you'll look up and see Dave, our esteemed leader, grinning foolishly at his handywork. So really, Damon shouldn't have been surprised when he came into the office one otherwise-normal Monday morning to find this. Nor should James have been surprised when he showed up early one morning to this birthday surprise. It certainly keeps us on our toes." Ah, the joys of not telecommuting ...
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Need A Few Post-Its Around The Office?

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  • by Da Fokka ( 94074 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @05:51AM (#8926840) Homepage
    NOW I see why outsourcing to India is so much cheaper...
    • by kmonsen ( 606584 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @06:25AM (#8926967) Homepage
      Maybe this is a new web site stress test. Post a story on /. with at few pictures and see if it can handle the load.

      Quite well is the answer here.

      • Re:No wonder... (Score:3, Insightful)

        by 1u3hr ( 530656 )
        Post a story on /. with at few pictures and see if it can handle the load.

        I thought more likely "anonymously sumbit a story linking to your corporate site selling web software and get loads of free publicity".

    • You Bastard (Score:5, Insightful)

      by ishmaelflood ( 643277 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @07:08AM (#8927090)
      I was going to say that.

      I must confess that when I visited my American colleagues I was, to put it mildly, nonplussed by their relaxed attitude to actually doing any f'ing work at all while at the office. They have a nice canteen, great Internet access, big cubicles, we had to book ahead for lunch at the local restaurants... AND /they/ get a bonus for Christma

      No wonder we get the contracts. And six weeks off a year.
      • Re:You Bastard (Score:5, Insightful)

        by snero3 ( 610114 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @08:46AM (#8927618) Homepage

        So you are that boring bastard that no one talks to at the Christmas party

        lighten up!!!

        On a more serious side of things this kind of activity (if not taken to far) actually brings the employees closer together so that when it comes crunch time (IE dead line approaching or server dieing in the ass) they work far better together and are less likely to kill each other. It also makes managers more approachable thus allowing incouraging the flow of good ideas that otherwise would not have made it.

    • Re:No wonder... (Score:5, Insightful)

      by pohzer ( 561713 ) * on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @09:58AM (#8928290)
      Consider this perspective:

      "I have 10 employees, all of them very capable and qualified, hard working, loyal. Many have been with me 10 years. None of them has tried to start their own company, although I would say at least 3 of them are capable of doing so, and perhaps even out-competing me in the marketplace."

      They don't do that. Why not?

      I am willing to bet that in your country, you spend part of your 6 weeks off planning how you will branch out on your own -- and those who can probably will eventually.

      There is more to work than a paycheck, for many, many people. Given good options (like a fun, supportive and professional environment -- pranks and all), not everyone is looking for the next great opportunity.

      Treat your colleagues with dignity, respect, and genuine friendship, and you may be surprised how fulfilling it is to work together year after year.
  • by LooseChanj ( 17865 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @05:51AM (#8926842) Homepage
    'Nuff said.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @05:56AM (#8926863)
  • by api_syurga ( 443557 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @05:57AM (#8926869)
    Boss : Uhh Dave, what was the quotation from India

    Dave: ....uhh I got it on a postit somewhere..

    Boss : ........

  • by cybermace5 ( 446439 ) <> on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @05:59AM (#8926880) Homepage Journal
    Yup, Bill*, the network guy, is sure going to be surprised when he comes in this morning and finds that he's been thoroughly slashdotted! Post-It notes, balloons, HTTP GET....

    *Simulated employee name
  • by JosKarith ( 757063 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @05:59AM (#8926881)
    Now try finding the one he stuck under his desk that has his admin password on.
  • by theirishman ( 749404 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @05:59AM (#8926882) Journal
    I use to work for HP and they were no fun.. :( and any messing and you were out.. - well I live in the EU so it not that easy to fire me. :) but my employer before HP saw that sort of messing good fun as long as the work was done and noboady or anything was dammaged... I think its realy important to have a good laught in work it helps keep the stress levels way down... is that why I am starting my own business.. ?
  • payback (Score:4, Funny)

    by Leffe ( 686621 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @06:00AM (#8926885)
    He was a great sport about it and is currently planning his pay back... :)

    Seems like he chose /.ing the server :) The admin won't like this ;)

  • Darn (Score:2, Funny)

    by locknloll ( 638243 )
    ...obviously the ./ crowd has killed another site. Just when I found the "Free scripts for your web site" section. Boo!
  • by 91degrees ( 207121 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @06:01AM (#8926887) Journal
    We attached bungee ropes to his swivel chair, and arranged it so that when he sat down, he'd go whizzing across the floor.

    It was really funny when he went through the window, landed, and went whizzing down the road.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    A massive bandwidth bill and website offline for a while :)
  • by andrewa ( 18630 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @06:03AM (#8926898)
    Wonder if he's also planning payback for having his email inbox full of spam after having it posted on the website?
  • Am I a humourless drone, or is this guy just a twat?

    Building morale is one thing, annoying others for your own entertainment is another.
    • by simon_aus ( 649753 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @06:18AM (#8926944)

      I vote yes.

      For a colleagues farewell I once had all 6 external auditors blowing balloons to fill his office to the roof. We then over-decorated the entire floor. Sure we was embarrassed (marginally) but the entire staff had a great time and the target was flattered we went to the effort.

      Unfortunately I had to work all weekend to meet board schedules!

      Repeat after me, harmless office pranks build teams! - They also build relationships

      • Repeat after me, harmless office pranks build teams! - They also build relationships

        Slashdot Personals:

        The 5 things I can't live without: my whoopie cushion, my finger buzzer, my seltzer bottle, my copy of "Practical Jokes ON Dummies", and my pile of fake barf.

  • Bruce Almighty (Score:5, Interesting)

    by tantalus ( 466821 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @06:07AM (#8926912) Homepage
    Those post-its remind me of a scene from the movie "Bruce Almighty" about an hour into the film. Bruce decides to 'hear' all the prayers in post-it note form and the result puts James and Damon to shame. It's interesting how striking a common office/household item can be when displayed in large quantities like that.
  • Hehehe (Score:5, Informative)

    by Steamhead ( 714353 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @06:07AM (#8926914) Homepage
    That is awesome, got to love your friends eh :) Reminds me of that friend that covered his friend's apartment in tinfoil.

    Um yeah here is a mirror if the wrath of /. gets to them. ons_off ice/ s_offi ce/
    • Re:Hehehe (Score:3, Funny)

      by GooseKirk ( 60689 )
      Hey, I'm that friend who got covered in tinfoil... for all the press that story got, I was always a little disappointed it didn't make /.

      Here's a link to some photos... second one down:
  • Refreshing change. (Score:5, Insightful)

    by boris_the_hacker ( 125310 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @06:11AM (#8926927) Homepage
    Sometimes you drink something because you are thirsty. It doesn't matter what it is, but every now and then you will drink something and it'll taste just right, and you will feel good.

    This is one of those drinks, well story, that puts a smile on your face.

    With all the cr*p that goes on in the world, it is great to see that there are people who get the job done but also have a good laugh doing so. People are too serious. It's good to have practical jokes and people that appreciate them for there good clean simply fun :)

    Good choice on story.
  • by nacturation ( 646836 ) <> on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @06:15AM (#8926934) Journal
    Update: Sunday, March 21nd, 2004

    We shared our story with 3M, the makers of post-its, and they must have got a kick out of it because they sent us 3 cases of post-its "for future decorating".

    Aha! The missing step revealed:

    1. Decorate office with products from Corporation X
    2. Take pictures of said decorations
    3. ??? = Send story and pictures to Corporation X
    4. Profit! (as Corporation X sends you free product)

    I suspect in a few months we'll hear a new story. Damon gets revenge on Dave by stapling a yoga mattress to every surface of his office. They share the story and ACME Yoga Mattress Co. responds by sending three trucks filled with yoga mattresses. Dave quits his job, sells all of them, and becomes the newest dot-calm millionaire. (Oh, you knew the punchline would be bad!)
    • by Anonymous Coward
      If you write a company a letter, particularly a semi-deranged letter (see any book by Don Novello) they'll send you something.

      Then there was the story of the guy who bought a bag of M&M's and squished them together eating the ones that broke, and sent the last one back to Mars (I think) as it was the champion and to be used in M&M breeding or something random.

      If you actually generate a kind of good publicity for a company that sells a high margine product, like oh soft drinks or post-its, they'll
    • suspect in a few months we'll hear a new story. Damon gets revenge on Dave by stapling a yoga mattress to every surface of his office. They share the story and ACME Yoga Mattress Co. responds by sending three trucks filled with yoga mattresses. Dave quits his job, sells all of them, and becomes the newest dot-calm millionaire. (Oh, you knew the punchline would be bad!)

      Do you think that would work with high-end electronics?

  • google caches (Score:3, Informative)

    by beoch ( 678420 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @06:17AM (#8926938)
    PostIts [] and Balloons []
  • by alanxyzzy ( 666696 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @06:22AM (#8926960)
    Everything in his apartment [] is wrapped in alumium foil, except for a copy of Penn and Teller's book "Cruel tricks for Dear Friends".
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @06:23AM (#8926963)
    Ah, the office prank. Best one I ever saw is still the glitter trap.

    Example: joke subject sits at a desk, pulls out a drawer. A string runs from the back of the drawer, up the wall, into the false ceiling, over to a spot directly over the subject's head, where it triggers the trap: a mousetrap whose action snaps a card away from its position covering a funnel, releasing a handful of glitter, which flows down the funnel, through its spout, through a hole in the ceiling acoustic tile, onto the subject.

    It was wonderful to watch: a muffled snapping noise, a quiet "chuff", and the slow, glittery descent of a cloud of brightly colored dust, to settle over the head and shoulders of a club member who by now has assumed an expression of appreciative resignation.
    • PC power supplies have a +12VDC lead. Car alarms operate on 12VDC. Coincidence? Mix, stir, and a pinch of "latching switch" and a bit of "enclosed office" for a good time.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      When a new guy started in our office he was asked to perform some task in a short period of time; "no problem" he said, "efficiency is my middle name". One swift vipw later it certainly was...
      A little later I heard the boss shout "Fred, why have I just received an e-mail from Fred 'Efficiency' Bloggs?". Cue my grinning mug appearing around the door...
      At that time we were all using Pine and he didn't know much about computers. He was a fast learner. :)
      It broke the ice quickly, and we worked pretty darn
  • by Hasie ( 316698 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @06:30AM (#8926976)
    When I left a job, a friend of mine found a pack of Post-Its in my office and started labelling things. In the end there was one on the door, the chair, the telephone, the roof - even one of the Post-Its was labelled "Post-It!" When we had done my office we went to the secretary's office and started there. We even labelled the contents of her drawers! When I heard from her a while later she thanked us for helping her find her things! The best bit was that there was still a Post-It on the wall that she hadn't found yet! Aaaah, the joys of a piece of paper with glue on one side!
    • We even labelled the contents of her drawers!

      Of course you are aware of the dictionary meaning [] of the word "drawers" ?
    • We did a similar thing to a bloke in my office a month or so ago. The guy is *ALWAYS* on the phone to the plumber, roof tiler, carpenter, paver layer, etc..

      So on a nightshift we put about fifty+ post it notes on his desk with "the $WHOEVER called", "he called again" "Are you EVER gonna call this guy back?".

      I came in a bit late to see his reaction, but by all accounts mission successful. :-)
  • by Big Nothing ( 229456 ) <> on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @06:33AM (#8926987)
    The REAL storyline goes something like this:

    Boss: Hey, Dave, what's the capacity of our website software?
    Dave: What do you mean?
    Boss: Well, a client asked me how much traffic load it can handle.
    Dave: I dunnow, we never REALLY stress-tested the thing. Want me to find out?
    Boss: Yes, please do!
    Dave: OK, I'll need 400 post-it note pads, 650 balloons and a digital camera.
    Boss: Huh?
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @06:40AM (#8927010)
    I'm a natural cynic and the deliberate nod to 3M at the end of the article makes me think this is a viral marketing campaign.

    On the other hand, I've mentioned 3M twice in this short reply so perhaps *I'm* the viral marketer.

  • by N8F8 ( 4562 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @06:44AM (#8927024)
    I hada guy next to me playing small tricks on me all the time. One day I got him back by turning over everyhing on his desk - from computer and monitor to all his files.

    Another time is was unintentional. I emailed him one of those stupid little flash games where you shoot up your desktop with a noisy uzi. Right in the middle of shredding his desktop, in walks the VP of the company. At the time we were seated with our backs to the entrance so it took my friend a minute that the room had gone pretty much silent. What really added to this was the fact that he was the most paranoid about using his computer only for company business - and the one time he decides to screw off....
  • Newspapers (Score:4, Funny)

    by Stephen ( 20676 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @06:45AM (#8927028) Homepage
    That reminds me of something that happened when I was at college. I got back one day to find that some other maths students had filled my room with screwed up balls of newspaper. And I mean filled. I couldn't even open the door more than a crack. It took a couple of hours and lots of black bags to clear that one up.
  • by Mostly a lurker ( 634878 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @06:54AM (#8927046)
    ... if you choose the wrong victim!

    Back in the mid 1980s, I was working for a division of a large multinational. Some of the employees had quite a creative sense of humour (including, fortunately as will soon become apparent, the department manager).

    At the time, there was a lot of hiring going on. On the manager's birthday, he was conducting job interviews most of the morning. His last applicant of the morning was a plant! You need to understand that, while blessed with a good sense of humour, he was happily married and quite conservative. The "applicant" was an attractive 24 year old redhead, very well endowed, and as sexually dressed as was consistent with a possible job applicant. The interview started normally, but gradually the young lady started making more and more pointed hints that she really wanted the job and would be willing to be very grateful if hired. Eventually, she was draping herself all over our leader who was desperately trying to ease her out of his office and looking as if he was about to suffer a coronary. [We had arranged to catch everything on video tape for checking out later.] When he finally managed to get the young lady across his office and open the door, the whole department was outside ready to wish him Happy Birthday. That was his first intimation that it was a setup!

  • by Phezult ( 729465 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @06:56AM (#8927052)
    I work in a camera store as the manager. Including me, there are six people who work at that location.

    We received about one hundred Russ brand stuffed bears, to be sold "as a deal" with film processing. As you can imagine, it didn't really take off, and in April I still have 70 odd bears lying around my store.

    We had been playing games with each other involving the bears but for several months it was fairly quiet.

    Until I took several days off following Easter.

    I walked in on Thursday to start my week, and upon opening the door to the back room, discovered a curtain of bears in my way. The two girls at work used kite string to bind the bears about the neck and waist to suspend them, and tied all of their paws together so that they all faced the door. There was a sign in the center that said "Supplies!" (Referencing UHF)

    On the white board on the door, there was this note:
    24 Russ bears: $599.76
    Kite String: $4.99
    The look on your face right now: Priceless (We hope)
    ******* Camera, it's everywhere you want to be.

    Somedays my job isn't so bad...
  • by DigiShaman ( 671371 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @07:05AM (#8927076) Homepage
    Back in 98, I installed a screensaver on a few file servers (NT 4.0). What was nifty about it was that it showed the total RAM count and was performing a filecheck that actually read the files (RAID activity can be heard) and flagged them as corrupted. Of course, the files were perfectly fine in reality.

    Oh man...did I catch hell from my manager when he dropped his coffee mug and ran into the server room and pulled the plug on the RAID. Though I laughed really hard...he obviously didnt.

    From that point on, we had to restore the file server because the system wasn't shutdown properly. Fuck...he only needed to move the mouse or press a key to kick the screen saver off.

    • by fasteddie203 ( 459046 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @10:40AM (#8928763)
      Around the same time (98) my coworkers and I also installed the BSOD screen saver. No big deal, we all knew it was a screensaver. Except our 'hands on' manager. We came into the server room one day, and he's sitting on the floor with the server disassembled (Compaq Proliant 6000) and blowing on various circuit boards and raid components with canned air. He kept taking apart the server, putting it back together, then watching it BSOD in a few minutes. Heh, that guy thought canned air would fix anything! He was pretty pissed, but we thought it was hilarious :)
    • by AndroidCat ( 229562 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @11:32AM (#8929357) Homepage
      If you want a simple way to mess someone up, take a screen shot of the desktop (with a window or two open). Then set it as the desktop background. "Why won't those #$%@ windows close?!"
  • Mirror (Score:3, Informative)

    by earplug ( 465622 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @07:18AM (#8927117)
    Mirror here []
  • Priceless... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Dave21212 ( 256924 ) <> on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @07:21AM (#8927126) Homepage Journal

    Case of Post-It notes to plaster office: $74 []
    650 Ballons for birthday prank: $55 []
    1 air pump: $20/day rental []
    Advertising one last fun place to work to a million potential candidates on /.: Priceless []

    Seriously though, it great to see that there are cool places to work still. One more sign of the IT recovery @!

  • by djplurvert ( 737910 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @07:23AM (#8927134)
    And some do!

    Maybe I'm the only guy on slashdot to feel this way but shit like that would just annoy me.

    I've had a few jobs where there was strong office comraderie like that, but in general, I think I prefer a slightly more conservative set of relationships in the workplace even if it comes at the expense of office morale.

    I'm not suggesting that things should be sterile. I do, however, think one's workspace should be respected.

    Mr Party Pooper
  • by tttonyyy ( 726776 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @07:36AM (#8927182) Homepage Journal
    My favourite trick is to wake people up with this cap I've got. It's 450VDC, 1000uF (that's 100J of energy). I charge it with some liberated PP3s (50 plugged end-on-end in series) and then sneak up behind a colleague half-dozing at his desk, carefully apply a screwdriver across the terminals and *CRACK!*. Watching the adrenaline rush combined with fight/flight reactions is very interesting and highly amusing. (Doesn't do the screwdriver much good though.)

    I should point out that my victims always get me back, usually by spraying anti-static cleaner through the back of my desk fan when I'm not expecting it (instant winter wonderland), or by stamping "REFERENCE COPY ONLY" across my forehead with the drawing office stamp (permanent).

  • A friend and I (Score:4, Insightful)

    by xaoslaad ( 590527 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @07:56AM (#8927257)
    once got so bored in college we started drawing smily faces on a couple thousand postits of varying size and color (the smily faces and post it notes for that matter); once we were done with that we stuck them all over the campus; she even went so far as to go into the ladies room; unravel the toilet paper; slap a post-it in there somewhere and then ravel it back up.

    Book on depression in the library, no problem. We took a post-it with a smily, wrote under it don't worry be happy, and stuffed it somewhere in the middle.

    Hell, I'm sure there are still post-its from us in some of the books that were covered under and inch of dust when we got there, let alone now.

    Yes, the devious things you can do with post-its when you're bored.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @08:23AM (#8927450)
    Check this out, some guys in the office built a cage overnight...

    It also had a door that could lock, the door closing would be triggered by pulling the chair when the guy got inside the cage.
  • by kefoo ( 254567 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @08:32AM (#8927506)
    Some pranks from an old job:

    Seal a vacationing manager's door shut with industrial strength plastic wrap and tape 2x4s across it like you'd see nailed across a broken window.

    Fill the company president's office with 1300 balloons, some helium and some regular air, for her 40th birthday. She almost had a heart attack when she opened the door the next morning and a wall of balloons fell out.

    TP the comapny founder's office on a day when he wasn't in. Housekeeping cleaned it up before he saw it!

    There was a roof leak over the development area so we put up a makeshift roof with 2x4s and tarps to protect the computers. My supervisor asked me to help her take them down after the leak was fixed. We were carrying everything back to the warehouse when I noticed the guy in the next cubicle wasn't around, so I dumped everything in there, rather than carry it the additional twenty feet.

    We had foam rubber computer mice with the company logo, url, etc. that were supossed to be given out at trade shows. They usually ended up being used as missiles by the founder. The wars never lasted more than a few minutes, because the company president (also his wife) would hear the noise and confiscate our arsenal, and tell him to get back in his cage.

    It's not surprising how often pranks were played at that company. My second interview (with every manager at the same time) degenerated to the founder and I insulting each other within ten minutes. He said I'd fit in well.
  • Times are changing (Score:5, Interesting)

    by DeanFox ( 729620 ) < minus cat> on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @08:42AM (#8927584)

    Last year our group moved from a satellite office into the corporate building. Gone are the parking lot BBQs, etc.

    Last month our manager turned 40. We spent 3 hours after work decorating her office with black balloons, streamers, static stickers with over the hill slogans, a walker... You know the drill.

    The next morning we were all called into human resources and for 45 minutes admonished for what they perceived as "age discrimination".

    Yep... Isn't corporate fun?

  • by m3djack ( 613125 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @08:50AM (#8927651) Homepage
    And when the office web server crashed from a posting to slashdot, low and behold, there was Dave closing a browser window to
  • by amembleton ( 411990 ) <aembleton&bigfoot,com> on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @09:27AM (#8927975) Homepage
    Post-it note prank []
    Balloons []
  • A good one..... (Score:3, Interesting)

    by CharlieG ( 34950 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @09:32AM (#8928012) Homepage
    WAY back when, when news stories were delivered by teletype, I was at a small radio station that was NOT on the air 24x7. The thing is, when you had a contract with AP, they SENT you enough paper to run the teletype 24x7, and they did NOT want it back, and there seemed to be no way to say "Please, do NOT send any paper for the next 6 month contract, we have way too much..." (Let's face it, if you only run 12-14 hours a day, after a year, you almost have a spare years worth of paper)

    Well, one day, we wallpapered a hall, and left out magic markers, and told people "Go nuts" - it was the graffiti wall. Took up about 2 cases of paper. We took the OTHER 30 or so cases down to recyling
  • by DeanFox ( 729620 ) < minus cat> on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @10:19AM (#8928529)

    I went on a week vacation and the regional secretary who relied on my technical support made sure that I knew she'd call me at home if there was anything she needed.

    I never got personal calls at home during working hours. So, on my first day of vacation, I forwarded my phone to her.

    She tried all week to get a hold of me. When she called me her line two would start ringing. Waiting and waiting finally she'd hang up and answer line two but no body was there.

    She'd try again and line two would start ringing. She'd try putting me on hold to answer the other line. No one was there, so she'd hang up and come back to me, but because she had answered and disconnected, the line she was calling me on was now a dial tone. She figured I had probably answered and hung up.

    Apparently this went on all week. Every time she'd call me her other line would ring and then all the stuff with disconnects and no one on the other line... She never figured it out and by the end of the week was very frustrated.

    When I got back she went on and on about how she tried to call me. Then all the stories about how every time she did the other line would ring and then the disconnects.

    I fessed up and told her what I did. Everyone in the office was laughing their ass off, except for her. She was stunned. I could see her thinking back and then putting two and two together. She finely got over it, probably after spitting in my coffee for a week or something to get even.

  • by CaptCanuk ( 245649 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @10:27AM (#8928630) Journal
    I just wanted to know how people would react to the following prank that a colleague and I pulled on a brand new hire. I was a coop back then and a new hire was brought into the group. On his first day, after the formal introductions, we took him to lunch at an all you can buffet and encouraged him to stuff himself. Back at work, his boss gave him an extremely boring book and he sat there reading it. The temperature in our office is often cold when the air conditioning kicks in in the summer and wearing a t-shirt, he was a bit cold. Chilled, full and bored, it was 15 minutes before he went to sleep. That's when the fun began. The first dare put out was putting a post-it note on his monitor with the words "How was the nap?". That was simple. The next one I came up with was a little meaner: Take a picture of him sleeping. Still not really mean... someone inevitably falls asleep once during the year. The stakes were raised when I suggested we change his desktop background to the picture of him sleeping. So after transferring the picture to a machine (didn't have a digital camera so had to use a Sony DV camera and find the external card reader), we dropped it into a network share, and the biggest guy(6'4" - yet most nimble amongst us) snuck into his office, balanced between the chair and the desk and changed his wallpaper. 15 minutes later, the victim woke up to find a picture of him sleeping on his monitor and 4 people peering over his cubicle wall waiting for his reaction.

    He was shocked but took it well. Some others there stated they would have resigned on the first day if that had happened to them. I'm curious as to how many people feel that way.

  • by Inda ( 580031 ) <> on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @10:49AM (#8928857) Journal
    Office pranks are OK. The swapping of telephone and keyboard keys. The taping up of mouse balls. Phantom phone calls... but nothing compares to factory floor pranks. They can be truly evil.

    As patternmakers, my colleagues and I had to This involved a lot of measuring and marking out with steel rules. One day I guillotined the first 10mm off of my mate's steel rule - it's not the end you look at very often. He marked out half a dozen pieces that would have formed a box shape and proceeded to cut them out... The laughing started when his pieces wouldn't fit together properly as they were all 10mm short. It slowing turned into howling as he marked out the pieces again and proceeded to cut them for a second time. We were all clutching our sides when both sets of pieces were sat side by side - they were identical. He never found out it was me.

    We played around with plaster from time to time too. The favourite was to fill a plastic coffee cup with plaster and attach a self-tapping screw to it. When set, we would screw the cup to the floor upsidedown... Everyone who walked passed would kick the cup in their best David Beckham style and fall flat on their faces. Oh the joy. They didn't see that coming.

    Rubbing people's pencil down the crack of your arse was a favourite too. Some people, mainly the smokers, could not go for more than a few minutes without having a good chew on the end. The smell hits you second. Hmm tasty.

    Filling people's gloves with grease was always good for a laugh too.

    Holes for washers, long weights (waits) and left handed screwdrivers were a favourite with the apprentices. Each year September was the best.

    It&#146;s a wonder how we ever made any money. Oh wait, we didn't and that's why I now work in an office...
    • Navy pranks (Score:3, Funny)

      by dagnabit ( 89294 )
      Sounds like all the errands we would send n00bs on in the Navy when we were bored during a deployment.

      We sent one guy from the engine room down to the corpsman's office for 10 feet of Fallopian tube. There was also sending them up to see the bos'ns for buckets of prop wash. Or ordering steam blankets from supply (for those who may not know, a steam blanket is actually the process of laying up an offline boiler with steam from another source - prevents corrosion). Or getting batteries for the sound powered
  • Office prankster (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Orion Blastar ( 457579 ) <orionblastar@gmS ... com minus distro> on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @11:24AM (#8929263) Homepage Journal
    We had an office prankster at one of my former workplaces. He would always lower my chair before I went into work. He would mess up my desk so managers would think I was sloppy. He would take employee photos and Photoshop them and print them out. Every day we got joke messages from various Yahoo accounts. I confronted him in email about it, as I was getting sick of the jokes. He finally admitted to it, but kept on joking around and didn't do much work.

    Eventually they let me go but kept him, he was the boss' favorite friend. Favoritism, you got to love it! :(
  • by Gruneun ( 261463 ) on Wednesday April 21, 2004 @03:40PM (#8932543)
    A manager had done the ping-pong ball avalanche and, afterwards, he asked where all the balls went. The response was, "in a safe place." He spent the following days opening his cabinets... ever... so... slowly...

    Of course, we had much more elaborate plans...

    We took several bungee cords from one guy's truck and attached them to the doorknob on the back of his door. The other ends were attached to a large file cabinet behind the door and the cords were stretched to the limit (and I mean it) as the door was shut and latched. Between the door and the cabinet, we placed two large, hardware-grade, garbage bags. The bags' openings were taped to a series of 15-20 cardboard tubes, cut and joined to create several angles, with the openings pointed at the doorway. The tubes were filled with the balls, the bags inflated, and the openings were lightly taped.

    When he opened the door, there was an ungodly bang and a volley of ping pong balls went flying everywhere. It was over before he even had a chance to react. He said that the extra resistance in the doorknob didn't tip him off until it was too late.

    The kicker... when he unlocked the door, his keys were on a small chain to his belt. If the keychain hadn't broke, it could have only been better had his pants been ripped off in the process.

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