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Another Star Wars Prequel? 661

boarder8925 writes "George Lucas said he was finished with the Star Wars movies, but it seems George Lucas has an idea for another add-on to the Star Wars movie series: a prequel to The Phantom Menace. The story would follow the Jedi regaining control of the universe from the many Dark Lords some 88 years before Anakin Skywalker ever graced the universe. Yoda, who, according to Lucas, was instrumental in the effort, would apparently have a headlining role. However, Lucas, now age 60, says he won't be captaining such a ship if it ever happens."
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Another Star Wars Prequel?

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  • by achurch ( 201270 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @05:56AM (#12642894) Homepage
    "Nothing for you to see here. Please move along."
  • Hmm... (Score:5, Funny)

    by shirai ( 42309 ) * on Thursday May 26, 2005 @05:57AM (#12642899) Homepage
    "However, Lucas, now age 60, says he won't be captaining such a ship if it ever happens."

    Wow, the movie after Revenge of the Sith really is a new hope.

    • Re:Hmm... (Score:2, Funny)

      by metricmusic ( 766303 )
      Unfortunately, after that it's 'The George Strikes Back' quickly followed by "Return of the Jardi".
      • Re:Hmm... (Score:4, Funny)

        by SillyNickName4me ( 760022 ) <dotslash@bartsplace.net> on Thursday May 26, 2005 @07:46AM (#12643269) Homepage
        That should be 'return of the Jarjar' I'd think..

        Unrelated and off-topic, it seems Slashdot banned itself from fetching its own headlines?

        The ask slashdot and bsd box are saying:

        Your Headline Reader Has Been Banned
        You May Only Load Headlines Every 30 Minutes
        In 72 Hours, Your Ban Will Be Lifted
        Do Not Bother Contacting Us For 72 Hours

        • Re:Hmm... (Score:3, Interesting)

          by bigpat ( 158134 )
          Jarjar eh... I think "Revenge of the Sith" shows us just how much Jarjar screwed up the movies. Not just being annoying, he played a crucial role dimwittingly supporting the rise of the Sith while he was filling in for Amadala in the Senate... showing everyone that we really had good cause hating Jarjar all along.

    • Re:Hmm... (Score:4, Interesting)

      by DenDave ( 700621 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @06:24AM (#12643009)
      Yah.. and the guy REALLY came up with it all is dead, his name was Frank Herbert....

      Star Wars was rejected by moviemakers on first draft because of the plagiarism, only after a significant re-write did they want to go forward...

      The real prequel is called Dune.
      • Re:Hmm... (Score:5, Funny)

        by SamBeckett ( 96685 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @06:31AM (#12643039)
        Use the spice, Luke. The spice is with you.
        • Re:Hmm... (Score:3, Funny)

          by meringuoid ( 568297 )
          They'll send us to the spice mines of Kessel for sure...
          • How long will that take (in parsecs)?
      • Re:Hmm... (Score:5, Interesting)

        by bbzzdd ( 769894 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @07:30AM (#12643220)

        Never having read Dune I was amazed how much of Star Wars was influenced by it, as outlined here [jitterbug.com]

        To his credit, Lucas also robbed Flash Gordon, Kurosawa, Joseph Campbell, and Tolkien :)

        • Re:Hmm... (Score:3, Interesting)

          by Gleng ( 537516 )
          And several lines of dialog at the end of A New Hope, in the battle of Yavin, are lifted almost exactly from The Dam Busters.

          Actually, now I think about it, that whole battle was pretty much lifted from the The Dam Busters. Especially if you compare the trench run with the flight down the river lined with guns on the way towards the dam.
      • by Gopal.V ( 532678 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @07:35AM (#12643237) Homepage Journal
        > The real prequel is called Dune.

        Dune deals with the fact that what you see into the future locks you into that - or more correctly, the self fulfilling prophecy paradox. Star Wars doesn't (maybe revenge of the sith does hint on that) . It just handles prescience as just a sense and tries to concentrate on moralizing about the Dark and Light sides of the Force. (which it did very well too). Also Dune deals with the inversion of scarcity - Melange which is rare, but common on Arakkis , Water which forms oceans in other worlds, but rare on Arakkis.

        The Force - Prescience

        "Luke, I am your Father" - Baron Harkonnen is Paul's grandfather

        Vader Helmet - Baron Harkonnen with suspendor globes

        lightsabers - crysknife

        Death star - guild frigates

        ?? - Sarduakar ?.

        Dune carries a lot of fatalism - especially ironic because Paul is prescient. Also the fact that he lets go of Chani rather than turn into a Tlelaxu puppet - which Anakin was not able to do. Also the twins - a girl and boy , the mother dies at birth.

        If you really think about it , the Matrix had some of the themes too - Neo is not The ONE , but turns out to be , Paul is not the Kwisatz Haderach , but he becomes.

        Dune has the best eyecandy - I remeber dreaming about Shields and lasguns - the sound, color and shimmering feeling. For some of us, CG effects are never enough . Also yeah, the first 3 Dune books were good - the rest of them sucked (come on !.. honored matres' ?. .. sex that blinds)... Same for Star War movies . Both Lucas and Herbert seems to have gone bad.
        • I think Dune, SW, Matrix, etc all share a lot of themes due to use of standard heroic story forms. (The Call, Acceptance, yada yada.)

          Don't skip the sociopolitical commentary of Dune. Let's see... valuable substance, used for damn near everything, only found in a desert place, guarded by fierce people with a suspiciously Arabic language... Nope, no idea what he was talking about there.

          SW doesn't (or at least, doesn't seem to) try to pull these concepts in. (Phew -- just think, if the dialog is bad NOW.
      • Re:Hmm... (Score:3, Insightful)

        by Golias ( 176380 )
        and the guy REALLY came up with it all is dead, his name was Frank Herbert

        You spelled Jack Kirby's name wrong.

        (Google for the comic "New Gods" sometime. The Hero was on the verge of turning evil, and did not know he was the villain's son... they relied on a cosmic power called "the source"... The list goes on.)
    • Re:Hmm... (Score:5, Funny)

      by LynXmaN ( 4317 ) * on Thursday May 26, 2005 @06:28AM (#12643025) Homepage
      Maybe in this prequel we could see Jar Jar being born and turning irrevocably to the dumb side of the force
      That could be interesting!
    • Re:Hmm... (Score:5, Funny)

      by nokilli ( 759129 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @06:28AM (#12643026)
      This is exactly what I warned about! [slashdot.org]

      And what did I get for my efforts? Useless +1 Funny mods!?!

      You should all mod me up +1 Insightful. I deserve it.

      No really, I do. And you know I'm right.

      Just do it.
    • I'm sure I cant be the only one who's intrigued at this...

      He's EXPLICITLY saying that he wont be at the reins for it if it happens. how money is that?

      If he stayed and produced the special effects and wrote the storyline (you know, the parts he's good at) and left directing and screenwriting up to someone who was actually good at it, hell, it could be a pretty sweet movie.

      Young-er yoda leading the charge to eradicate as-yet un specified dark jedi-type people? sounds like it could be really fun, possibly
      • Re:Hmm... (Score:3, Funny)

        by daeley ( 126313 )
        now, feel free to flame away because I broke /. policy of disliking on principle all lucas projects, real or hypothetical, post Empire.

        Well, that and you used "money" as an adjective. ;D
    • Already Done? (Score:3, Informative)

      by Elranzer ( 851411 )
      The story would follow the Jedi regaining control of the universe from the many Dark Lords some 88 years before Anakin Skywalker ever graced the universe. Yoda, who, according to Lucas, was instrumental in the effort, would apparently have a headlining role.

      If I'm not mistaken, doesn't this already exist, in some form, as Knights of the Old Republic? I thought Georgy boy officially declared that KOTOR was permenantly the very first plotline in the Star Wars universe, the Genesis of the SW universe if you
  • Reverse! (Score:5, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday May 26, 2005 @05:57AM (#12642904)
    Backwards, this Jedi works.
  • by Pao|o ( 92817 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @05:57AM (#12642905)
    However, Lucas, now age 60, says he won't be captaining such a ship if it ever happens.


  • No! (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday May 26, 2005 @05:57AM (#12642906)
    No more SW prequels please! Would be interested however in seeing some subordinate stories like where do Han Solo and Chewbacca meetup between Episode III and IV and perhaps a story following Boba Fett's bounty hunter quests. THere are lots of good stories that could work within the characters Lucas has already presented but please, George, stop going back in time.

    One would have thought that the Star Trek franchise was proof of how difficult that is to pull off.
    • Re:No! (Score:3, Interesting)

      by Olix ( 812847 )

      I'm not so anti SW prequels. Lucas has made a really impressive universe for his StarWars films, and it would be stupid to waste it.

      What about if they made another trilogy of films following the example liad down by the game Knights of the Old Republic - set a triliogy in that same StarWars universe, with the already developed locations, mythlogy and nice Good versus Evil plot, but set it 1000 years in the past. You could have a whole new load of characters and focus the story in some Sith uprising or anot

    • by blowdart ( 31458 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @07:19AM (#12643179) Homepage

      Lucas also announced that due to the bad reception the prequels had on certain geek web sites such as slashdot he was developing a story line especially for the geek crowd, "The Adventures of Padme".

      He went on to explain the plot would not be complicated, however Ms Portman would lose her clothing, fall into in a vat of grits and eventually end up petrified (in carbonite) before being delivered by Boba Fett to Taco the Hutt. He expects to being in $60 million from slashdot readership alone.

    • Re:No! (Score:5, Funny)

      by Yorrike ( 322502 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @07:28AM (#12643212) Homepage Journal
      I want a movie showing the exploits of Han, Luke et al as they strive to return Chewie to his home, to his wife and kid, in time for christmas.
      • Re:No! (Score:3, Funny)

        by camusflage ( 65105 )
        Now you're thinking.. Imagine the possibilities.

        Han: Oh crap. We left Chewie at home before leaving for our Kessel run!
        [cut to CU on Chewbacca]
        Chewbacca: Warrrrrrrrrggggggggggh!
  • However, Lucas, now age 60, says he won't be captaining such a ship if it ever happens.
    Thank the Force.
  • by Dancin_Santa ( 265275 ) <DancinSanta@gmail.com> on Thursday May 26, 2005 @05:58AM (#12642909) Journal
    The Star Wars franchise can only be rescued by Lucas' continued meddling in the storyline.

    After Return of the Jedi, I didn't think there was a hope for the Trilogy, but now, with the latest three movies delivered, I realize that my feelings back then about the original movies were truly happy and optimistic.

    Because Lucas was able to show me how far down the toilet he was willing to let the franchise go, I appreciate the original trilogy all the more. Even his remasters of the original three make me wax nostalgic for my childhood.
    • I liked the prequels (Score:5, Interesting)

      by lheal ( 86013 ) <lheal1999@ y a h oo.com> on Thursday May 26, 2005 @07:24AM (#12643195) Journal
      I've seen all of the Star Wars movies in the theater as they came out, and I've liked them all.

      I just steadfastly remain intentionally shallow.

      It's supposed to be eye candy, not give you a doctorate in comparative theology or high-energy physics.
      • by Gulthek ( 12570 )
        Sure, but just as I get bored with a kaleidoscope easily (even though it looks pretty); I get bored with no plot pretty quickly too.

        Of the prequels, only EPIII had a plot. EPS I and II were just filler that it seems like Lucas felt obligated to make. Watching all three of them (as I recently have) it is clear that Lucas really just wanted to make EPIII.
        • Exactly! (Score:3, Interesting)

          by autopr0n ( 534291 )
          I thought the exact same thing in the theater watching ep III. "This is the only movie that really needed to be made." The other three were pointless.
      • It's supposed to be eye candy, not give you a doctorate in comparative theology or high-energy physics.

        With a $10 million budget, the original Star Wars was never intended to be eye candy. It was intended to be fun, which the new trilogy is not. (I have not seen episode 3 yet, but with all the talk of how "dark" it is, I feel pretty confident in saying that while it may be decent, it probably still does not hold to the original ideals of the series.)

        I'll agree with you that Star Wars was never intended
    • by Timesprout ( 579035 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @07:30AM (#12643217)
      And this is the main problem around here with Star Wars, you watched it as a child and now moan you are an adult (ok thats debatable in a lot of cases) you dont view movies with the same child like wonder and amazement. How so many slashdotters manage to blame Lucas for the ageing process and their overactive childhood imagination has always escaped me.

      Face it, the ground breaking special effect aside star was was nothing special. Its an old tried and trusted story of young boy with destiny meets mystical mentor yada yada yada. Replace excalibur with light sabres, the black knight with vader and off you go. The story is a rehash of a couple of old concepts, the acting was dire, the dialog chronic. The only redeeming feature is the effects, you no longer needed an imagination because it looked to a child like the fucking things were real. And this is why we loved it as kids, now we just see the crap acting and dialog.

      Just because you dont like the current trilogy does not mean Lucas is somehow trying to destroy your childhood memories or abuse you in some way. Also since its his rehashed idea Lucas can do whatever he wants with the story and clearly from the amount the current trilogy has grossed people are quit happy to part with their cash to see the results.
      • by stlhawkeye ( 868951 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @10:36AM (#12644693) Homepage Journal
        The acting was fine in V and acceptable in VI. Coincidentally, Lucas didn't direct either film. The screenplay for V is the best of all the films by any reasonably standard. Written by Lawrence Kasdan and Leigh Brackett. Kasdan also did Indiana Jones with Lucas. Lucas didn't direct Jones either. In fact, every film George Lucas has ever directed has been a pile of festering crap. Two of his films, Howard the Duck and Ishtar, have become synonymous with bad films in pop culture. "This is the worst film since Howard the Duck!"

        I think it's fair to say that Lucas struck gold once and then wisely let other people handle the aspect of filmmaking that he sucks at. Namely, directing and authoring. Lucas is a talented and imaginative story creator (plagiariser, depending on your perspective), but he cannot tell a story to save his life. Star Wars was a western in space, I'm tired of this "space opera" bullshit. It's a western. The good guys wear white. The bad guy wears black. The stormtroopers are only white so the audience wouldn't confuse them with Vader. They swing over chasms, escape from a room where the walls are closing in. I'm surprised Lucas didn't have Leia tied down over some railroad tracks while Tarken twirled his moustache.

        And there's no question that the acting was superior in the original films. Compare Harrison Ford saying, "You're trembling" in V with Christianson saying it in III. Ford's acting carries emotional weight and significant. Christianson is reciting something he read in the script.

      • No, no, and no (Score:5, Insightful)

        by freeweed ( 309734 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @10:47AM (#12644818)
        I've said it before, and I'll say it every time someone posts this tripe: this is most definitely NOT the rose-coloured glasses of aging here.

        Listen, when Star Wars came out in 1977, millions of adults went to see it, loved it, and anxiously awaited the sequels. So did millions of kids. However, the children's market was nowhere near as established as it is today. Star Wars would NEVER have been as successful if it only appealed to children. My parents, who in general can't stand sci-fi or action films, and were in their late 30s at the time, loved it. THEY were almost as interested in seeing the sequels as I was.

        Flash-forward to the prequels. By and large, 6-12 year olds love them. Other than that, however, the vast majority of adults don't. Believe it or not, there are many people in their 20s and 30s now who've never seen Star Wars before. And most of them really don't think the prequels are all that good.

        Believe me, many things from my childhood I can now recognize as the crap it is. The original Star Wars movies were good back then, and are still good. The prequels are less so.
      • by brianerst ( 549609 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @11:24AM (#12645259) Homepage
        Its an old tried and trusted story of young boy with destiny meets mystical mentor yada yada yada
        Like, dude, you misspelled "Yoda".
      • by AK Marc ( 707885 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @11:54AM (#12645631)
        How so many slashdotters manage to blame Lucas for the ageing process and their overactive childhood imagination has always escaped me.

        The new movies lack elements present (even central) in the original 3. There was always the slapstick. C3PO was the butt of many jokes. However, the sarcastic intelligent wit of Han was completely gone. The part for the adults was simply left out, with nothing similar to fill the void. And relationships. We have brother-sister that don't know, with Han and Luke both fighting for the same plucky girl. In the new 3, there is no mystery who she will end up with, no double-entendre, and the scenes are painful, uninteresting story development, rather than fun and interesting scenes by themselves. Leah is directly quoted for some of her good lines related to Han, Luke (though possibly as badly delivered as in the new 3) is quoted as well.

        So, what filled the void? Much better flight/fight scenes. The movies can't be aimed at the same audience, because many key elements are significantly different. That is the complaint. He builds a fan base, then ignores them for what (presumed by the fans) is the search for more money. Maybe he would have done better if he were gretly restricted on the money he could spend. Then he would have spend more time coming up with a story and lines, rather than impressive fight/flight scenes.
  • Well, duh! (Score:3, Insightful)

    by samael ( 12612 ) <Andrew@Ducker.org.uk> on Thursday May 26, 2005 @05:58AM (#12642910) Homepage
    He's already got books, comics and computer games spread throughout his history, written by other people and controlled by him (so that they pretty much all fit together, with a few exceptions). There's no reason not to have films too.

    But him not writing/directing them is a good thing - so long as they get someone in who _can_.
  • by Ham_belony ( 820906 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @05:58AM (#12642913)
    I wouldn't mind a star wars with a lot less of the original characters, lets say none of them.
  • And a thousand slashbots cried out as one, and unfortunately, weren't silenced, as somehow George Lucas has 'runied their childhood' and myriad other whinings....
  • No need (Score:2, Funny)

    by 91degrees ( 207121 )
    Just shoehorn The Dark Crystal into Star Wars mythology. We've already got muppets, and a young hero on a quest. We just need a special edition with a couple of lightsaber fights.
  • by DigiShaman ( 671371 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @06:02AM (#12642931) Homepage
    That's the sound of this cashcow being milked dry!
  • by ArcticCelt ( 660351 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @06:03AM (#12642934)
    What else to say than...


    • The theater where I watched ROTS last week was wonderfully raucous, as it was filled with college kids. Things had already taken a turn for the worse when the audience laughed hysterically at Jar Jar's two-second cameo at Padme's funeral (not exactly the tone you want, after all), but things really went downhill during Darth Vader's screamfest. As soon as Vader's cry of "NOOOOOO!!" died out, someone in the back of the theater yelled out, at the top of his lungs,

      "YES, BITCH!!"

      He was quickly escorted out of the theater, but he also got a solid round of applause from the audience. I personally thought that it added a wonderful dimension to the movie, and it was at that point that I became very sorry that Mystery Science Theater 3000 is no longer on the air.
      • It's funny you'd mention MST3k in relation to SW.

        Mike Nelson and one of the bots (Kevin Murphy) have recently set up their new website [filmcrewonline.com], where they present:

        "FILM CREW'S REMAKES III, Summer of the Clones"
        They announce such new movies as "Batman, the pregnency", and "King KoRn". It's definately worth a look.
  • by teh moges ( 875080 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @06:04AM (#12642938) Homepage
    So will the next move to come out be Episode -II?
    • Actually, a new hope is the true number 7, the phantom menace is number 4... you can see it clearly in the scrolling text in the new 3d versions.
  • by weavermatic ( 868696 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @06:05AM (#12642943)
    I just can't squeeze any blood from this stone!
  • misread? (Score:5, Funny)

    by adagioforstrings ( 192285 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @06:05AM (#12642946)
    he won't be captaining such a ship if it ever happens

    I misread that as captaining such shit at first. And then I thought, maybe I'm not misreading it.
  • I mean, really, what will Lucas pull out of his ass next?
  • by GomezAdams ( 679726 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @06:07AM (#12642955)
    I'd like to see how they discover midi-chlorians and the origins of the Jedi. Just thinking. If not, I've seen all the Star Wars I need for one life time.
  • Finally (Score:5, Funny)

    by CleverNickedName ( 644160 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @06:11AM (#12642971) Journal
    We'll see what the hell Yoda is. My money's on "bald Ewok".
  • by TiggsPanther ( 611974 ) <tiggs@@@m-void...co...uk> on Thursday May 26, 2005 @06:12AM (#12642974) Journal
    Could also stand a good chance of being done right. Personally I enjoyed Episodes I & II (not seen RoTS yet), but I can see the main problem with them - which wouldn't be so pronounced in a much earlier prequel.

    Episodes I through III were dealing in the too recent past directly dealing with known characters who many older fans have had 20 years to come up with their own theories about.

    Now a pre-Phantom-Menace film wouldn't have quite so much "known" events to deal with. It would be somewhat harder to really jar with people's own perceptions of what could have happened. Plus if Lucas did step back and leave such a prequel to someone else it might well end up better than the current prequels. Not many people can create good stories in on their own - and even those who do don't (usually) do films on their own.
    Editors, screenwriters, directors. As long as they're not all at odds then they stand a better chance of coming up with a great finished product.

    • by theefer ( 467185 ) * on Thursday May 26, 2005 @06:54AM (#12643107) Homepage

      Episodes I through III were dealing in the too recent past directly dealing with known characters who many older fans have had 20 years to come up with their own theories about.


      I just saw Episode III last night and it was just as I thought: plain, without any originality or feelings. Bad.

      The reason why Episodes I-III are so bad has nothing to do with the fans. Nothing to do with them growing up, their imagination, or whatever. It has to do with George Lucas' (in)ability to screenplay and direct a movie. The dialogues are pathetic from beginning to end (not to mention the love scenes), the actors (though all capable of excellent performances) look bored as hell as they walk through the ridiculous evolution of their character. The complexity of the storyline is as astounding as you would expect from a 13 year-old boy, without any surprise or depth. Most of it is an excuse to visit dozens of various environments, rendered by gorgeous yet overused FX.

      There is not a single tiny bit of emotion in these three movies, although that 3rd movie was supposed to be the emotional apotheosis of the saga, with the beloved Anakin turning to the Dark Side, Padme dying, etc. But instead, the spectator is too busy bitching at how Lucas screw up those parts by putting them together in the most primitive, easy way one could think of.

      There is no talent in here. George Lucas was simply not good enough a director to make these prequels worth watching, let alone enjoyable. The same thing happened with the Matrix Trilogy, brilliant at first but then spoiled by the greed of the Wachowsky Brothers who couldn't handle the breadth of what they had started. Many praise to Peter Jackson built his trilogy with true genius.

      Maybe a Star Wars pre-prequel could be interesting as long as Lucas stays away from it.
  • If GL can go back on his "There will be no more SW movies", then maybe he'll also go back on his "There will be no release of the originals"

    I was thinking a while ago: Having only recently released ep. IV-VI on DVD, how will he convince anybody to buy the collection of all six? (I'm sure nobody doubts such a collection is on the way)

    Possible answer: Have the ORIGINAL versions of IV-VI plus the new I-III films, and you can GAURANTEE that SW fans everywhere will buy the six-pack: New fans for the new fil

  • Many people have many ideas set in the Star Wars universe. The problem might be various copyrights and such - but even if these would not be an obstacle someone would have to act as a keeper of the storyline to differentiate the canon from the rest.

    This particular idea is not in line with what is known now. Sith, as far as it was revealed in the episodes already made, has no organizational structure and apparently consists always of one master and one apprentice. Where would many Sith lords come from?

    • Re:Ideas (Score:5, Insightful)

      by Zog The Undeniable ( 632031 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @06:36AM (#12643053)
      Vader seems to be subordinate of Tarkin

      According to the backstory, Tarkin was challenging Palpatine for Emperor at one point, so this could be correct.

      What's more puzzling is why Palpatine keeps Vader on the payroll at all, when he allows the Death Star to be destroyed, lets Luke escape in ESB and is clearly treacherous ("join me, and we will rule the galaxy as father and son"). I'd have relegated him to droid-polishing duties after Ep IV.

      • Re:Ideas (Score:3, Insightful)

        by Eminence ( 225397 )

        Vader seems to be subordinate of Tarkin

        According to the backstory, Tarkin was challenging Palpatine for Emperor at one point, so this could be correct.

        This makes no sense, since Vader knows best that a guy not familiar with the ways of the Force can't even get near being a threat for the Emperor.

        What's more puzzling is why Palpatine keeps Vader on the payroll at all, when he allows the Death Star to be destroyed, lets Luke escape in ESB and is clearly treacherous ("join me, and we will rule the

  • Good title/Bad title, either way better than attack of the cloans.

    I think the choice of director is clear. Quentin Tarentino, come on it would be great!

    "Get the wookie"
    "the wookie's sleeping"
    "well wake him up then!"
  • Sequels (Score:4, Interesting)

    by FidelCatsro ( 861135 ) <[moc.liamg] [ta] [orstacledif]> on Thursday May 26, 2005 @06:30AM (#12643032) Journal
    Now i know there has been alot of prequal hype of late and sequels are very unhip.
    for the love of god though there are some real gems in the books/comics set after the origional trillogy , Dark empire for example , the reformation of the jedis and so on ... Perhaps a movie where you don't know whats going to hapen(unless you read the books) would be a little more exciting than another bleeding prequal , though yoda doing some cool jedi tricks would be cool
  • by el_womble ( 779715 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @06:37AM (#12643055) Homepage

    The Starwars universe is great. A clever mix of magic, politics, religion and technology. This is what makes sci fi great. You take a few physical laws, mix them up a bit and see what happens when you introduce humans into it.

    This is George Lucas' legacy: a standardised universe, that captivates the imagination. He has woven a rich tapestry of worlds, cultures and characters but is a lousy story teller, particularly dialog.

    Please Mr. Lucas, let the universe go. Spend the remainder of you professional life as an executive producer who lets others write and direct, whilst you approve and fund.

    As a side note, I'd really like to see a script from Kevin Smith. Given a free reign (and a ban from using his friends as cast members)he could write the Starwars adventure we all think we remember.

    • A clever mix of magic, politics, religion and technology.

      A stereotyped and poorly thought out mix-up of magic and religion in a technological shell.

      My strongest memory from watching the original Star Wars, back when it first came out, was my reaction to the climactic scene. "Trust the Force? He's flying a warp-capable starship, two of his best friends are robots, he's depending on one of them for his very life, and you're telling me he's gotta reject technology to win this one? Give me one huge bleeding
  • by SamSim ( 630795 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @06:58AM (#12643116) Homepage Journal
    There's no Roman numeral for zero!
  • Remake IV-VI? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by crull ( 221987 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @07:04AM (#12643139)
    Am I the only one actually wanting the old movies remade with todays standards?

    I really like the universe and I espect the fact that SW-fans is fanatic and all but... it comes down to one thing: Entertainment. Right now its just silly, tried looking at IV the other day and I couldnt stand the figthts, it does just not fit in anymore.
  • by DwarfGoanna ( 447841 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @07:07AM (#12643146)

    I USED to love Star Wars. That love has been BEATEN out of me. This franchise is an abomination... a walking shell of THE UNDEAD!!


  • 88 years? (Score:3, Funny)

    by fr2asbury ( 462941 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @08:36AM (#12643490)
    *sigh* that Obi Wan! Always stretching the truth so far you'd think it was taffee. He'd already won the Bill Clinton award for Stretching the Truth with the whole excuse about truth depending on your point of view when trying to cover up the "Darth Vader killed your father." line. Now we find that the Jedi hadn't actually kept peace in the galaxy for "over a thousand generations." Seems it was more like 88 years. Obi Wan's response will probably be to dig up some species with a life span only slightly greater than a fruit fly and say something about "point of view."
  • 88 years? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by enrico_suave ( 179651 ) on Thursday May 26, 2005 @10:19AM (#12644468) Homepage
    88 years? Is that a typo in the article?

    I thought the Sith were in hiding mode for over a thousand years?

    Not that I've come to expect continuity from lucas or the star wars universe or anything =)

    I guess he'll have more edits in the I, II, III special edition trilogy box set re-re-re-release.


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