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Reboot To Get A Reboot 115

superstick58 writes "Reboot, one of the first CG animated TV shows is returning as a trilogy of feature-length films. This was a great cartoon for me, perhaps it also helped stimulate other developing nerds to embrace the computers that are supposedly run by these enjoyable CG characters."
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Reboot To Get A Reboot

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  • first full length (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward
    It wasn't one of the first, it was THE first full length computer animated tv show. An awesome one to boot. I hope these films are as dark as it got in the 3rd season.
    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by tomhudson ( 43916 )

      My nephews liked it - to quote them - "because of the big boobs with the great shading." No wonder the article says "perhaps it also helped stimulate other developing nerds to embrace the computers that are supposedly run by these enjoyable CG characters.".

      ewww ...

    • The Cyberiad was the first CG TV show, however, only the pilot episode was aired.

      Based of course on the Lew stories (the book is amazing, highly recommend it.)

      • I've looked all over, but can't find any information on the show (I've read the book, though). Any links to any sort of info on the show would be greatly appreciated. On topic-- It's good to see that Reboot is still (sort of) kicking. From reading the wikipedia page on it, I guess it's a shame that I didn't stick with it past the first season.
      • by Maserati ( 8679 )
        Ok, I'm distraught. There exists 12 minutes of The Cyberiad in animated format ! Nothing on the torrent trackers I use...

        Damn. I have an itch I will never be able to scratch, that I didn't even know I had.

        I'll second the book recommendation and add kudos for the translator.
    • by Xanius ( 955737 )
      I loved this show and wish that I could find the DVDs easier and cheaper. $50 for one disc of one season is ridiculous.
  • Wow. (Score:3, Interesting)

    by msauve ( 701917 ) on Friday July 27, 2007 @11:31PM (#20019815)
    Max Headroom [] would be proud.
  • by Comsn ( 686413 ) on Friday July 27, 2007 @11:39PM (#20019877)
    one of the press releases said they were getting fan submissions for storylines...

    do you really want REBOOT FANFICTION?
  • Go Canada! (Score:5, Interesting)

    by kypper ( 446750 ) on Friday July 27, 2007 @11:45PM (#20019901)
    It's nice to see a canadian show [] getting its due.

    It was far more entertaining by the third season when Enzo grew up and got really pissed off... it was a nice dark twist.
    • by davmoo ( 63521 )
      And AndrAIa turned in to quite the little hottie...for a CGI character, anyway...
    • by sharkey ( 16670 )
      Take off, you n00b.
    • Now if only Canada wouldn't just be mimicing USA whenever it makes new shows. USA has tons of CSI drama? Let's make our own! USA is making tons of reality shows? Let's have our own! USA has tabloid-formatted "entertainment news" shows? Now Canada does too!

      It's funny, in Canada we used to think ourselves pretty smart for what we did in our own right, but now all we seem to do is copy USA. Sure, you can cite some other stale CBC Canada-only shows that aren't really entertaining at all... and I won't c
      • by deragon ( 112986 )
        What do you mean that Canada is always copying from the US? What about "un gars, une fille", exported around the world? e bec_eng.pdf []

        Or about Just for Laughs Gags, also exported around the world? 72_ITM []

        There are many more I could list if I wasn't too lazy to check for references on the web. "Le temps d'une paix", "Les filles de Caleb", etc...

        Oh... You are talking about ENGLISH Canadian productions. You s
        • You're right, I don't know everything about French Canadian programming, most stuff I've watched in the French language is from France, or has been in the theatres. On TV, I don't really watch french/quebec programming. Then again, on TV, I don't watch a lot of english/Canadian programming. Most of what I'm talking about can be narrowed down to prime time popular culture, because this is what is reaching the youths. I'm not talking about adults with experienced perspectives who know better from watching
      • Uhh, what?

        CSI debuted in 2000. Da Vinci's Inquest [] debuted in 1998 and ran for 7 seasons. It's not exactly an original idea so I'm not accusing anyone of copying anyone, but let's be realistic here.

        There are lots of quality (or at least popular) Canadian shows. Some are original, some aren't. The Kids in the Hall [], SCTV [], OWL/TV [], The Degrassi series [], etc... and hey, if you're a Canadian kid who never watched The Hilarious House of Frightenstein [], you really missed out.

        Toss North of 60 [] in there, if you're into t
        • Yeah but Canada really started churning them out when CSI + clones started hitting TV. I like the other series you're talking about too, but this is where we've BEEN. I'm talking about where we're headed. Canada is becoming more and more americanized.
  • It won't be the same without the original voice actors. And the post-season 1 (or was it 2?) voice for Bob just never sat right with me.
    • by kypper ( 446750 )
      The voice only changed for season 3... seasons 1, 2 and 4 were voiced by Michael Benyaer [].
      • Not Quite True. Seasons 1 and 2 'bob' were voiced by Michael Benyaer. After season two we had "Web Bob" introduced, who has a Different VA than 'Guardian Bob'; Ian James Corlett. When 'Web Bob' is reborn into 'Guardian bob' by the return of Glitch, Michael Benyaer resumes VA'ing him.
    • And Sadly, one of the most important VAs for this project, Tony Jay (voice of megabyte), Has died. Hearing his voice as a child watching reboot growing up, when it appeared later in my life, I had always recognized it as the voice of megabyte.
      • by mink ( 266117 )
        His voice was wonderful and he used it with such skill. Without that, the character of Megabyte would not have been as good IMO.
  • Im Psyched by this (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Venrix_Ckalzar ( 977644 ) * <dynshitposting@o ... m ['k.c' in gap]> on Friday July 27, 2007 @11:51PM (#20019939)
    I for one am very happy to see this happen. Granted with the concern about `bad` fan fiction entering and spoiling it for all the rest of us reboot fans, im gonna go out on a limb here and have some faith in the site they are setting up to allow discussion on content. I have personally not heard of anything like this before (feel free to correct me on that though, im curious now) but if it works then maybe we will see more of this, else if it fails and crash `n` burns horribly then we will all learn from the failures and perhaps try again some day.
    • Snakes on a plane borrowed a lot from ideas they got on the internet. The "I'm tired of all these mother fucker snakes on this mother fucking plane line" was straight from the internet. I'm sure they will follow the same strategy they did. Look at what's out there, see if any of the ideas are good, take those a build on them and ignore all the rest. But how many active Reboot fanfic groups are there out there? Actually never mind, don't answer that. I said the same thing about the esurance girl... God,
    • Star Trek is (was) about the only TV show that uses user-submitted content. I'm sure most production companies are too afraid of the legal repercussions of using unsolicited material.

      - RG>
  • Alphanumeric! (Score:5, Informative)

    by unsigned integer ( 721338 ) on Friday July 27, 2007 @11:56PM (#20019979)
    Don't forget the awesome summary of season 3. (For those who never watched it). []

    I crack up every time I watch it.

    I hope they manage to tie up the few loose threads left in S4.
  • Yes! (Score:5, Informative)

    by decipher_saint ( 72686 ) on Saturday July 28, 2007 @12:02AM (#20020017)
    Alpha Numeric!
  • I completely forgot the show until I read the article then everything just snapped into place like a keyword programmed into my head to kill the Malaysian Prime Minister. The show definitely had a subliminal effect on my interest in the field of technology and it would be great to see it again.
  • I wish they would remake Tron, the movie the quiet possibly inspired reboot...the "Tron 2.0" game ploy wasn't half bad, but alas it would seem Disney scrapped the project.
  • it has potential (Score:1, Interesting)

    by poetmatt ( 793785 )
    Overall I'm mixed, but honestly this could be somewhat entertaining, I'm curious to if they'll keep the original style or "improve". It was like futurama gone cgi with some creative ideas in it. Plus wasn't this like somewhat breakthrough animation back in the early cgi days of Reboot, Beast Wars, all that stuff?
  • Yahoo's Mission College campus in Santa Clara, CA has a Dot's Cafe []
  • ...That they're finally going to resolve the cliffhanger ending of the series. A great show that really deserved a comeback.
  • To Mend and Defend (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Ka D'Argo ( 857749 ) on Saturday July 28, 2007 @01:14AM (#20020401) Homepage
    Reboot was by far one of the best series of the 90's. For a kid's cartoon it's storylines and such even appealed to teenagers and adults (come on, how cool was Enzo grown up as Matrix?). To date the episode where Megabyte and Bob have a guitar battle is one of the coolest things in animation I've ever seen.
    • To date the episode where Megabyte and Bob have a guitar battle is one of the coolest things in animation I've ever seen.

      You should have just titled your post: 11.

    • Reboot was by far one of the best series of the 90's. For a kid's cartoon it's storylines and such even appealed to teenagers and adults (come on, how cool was Enzo grown up as Matrix?). To date the episode where Megabyte and Bob have a guitar battle is one of the coolest things in animation I've ever seen.

      Shit, I'm remembering that episode now that you mention it. They were having a talent show and the guys from Money for Nothing showed up. Yup, it's on Youtube. []

      That guitar battle is cooler than I remembered. They turned it up to 11, heh. "Glitch, BFG." Big fucking guitar. How'd that make it past the kid's tv censors? There's a line I remember from Animaniacs that couldn't possibly have aired. Yakko said something about looking for fingerprints and Dot holds up TFKAP

  • How many read the title of the post to mean something involving a new Vista error producing endless reboots following an update?
    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by Blakey Rat ( 99501 )
      Just you. And I'm guessing probably not you either. You probably just looked at the title of the post, then spent a few moments thinking, "what hilarious thing can I mis-interpret this as to get a +5 funny? I know! Windows Vista sucks, let's use that!" Then posted this.

      The joke is old. Get over it.
  • Sweeet... (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Cervantes ( 612861 ) on Saturday July 28, 2007 @01:43AM (#20020583) Journal
    Seasons 1-2 were fairly good for what they were, decent kid/teen animated series. Some of them stood out, most didn't, but almost all were entertaining.
    But Season 3 was da bomb. Dark, desperate storylines. Excellent writing. Character development for almost everyone, every episode. Storylines popping up, fading away, and coming back again. Characters that you worried about because they really felt disposable, that they could die any episode. I was supremely disappointed to see it end after that season. It was better written and more interesting than most series on TV. The only good thing was that it spawned Shadow Raiders, which was also an excellent series, though short-lived.
    I kinda liked (Season 4)/(The mini-movie), but I've always been hooked on the elements of Season 3. Although I can see why they'd like to restart the series, in a way I wish they'd just continue with the storyline in a way that new viewers could pick up on. Either way, I'll be a definite viewer.

    Matrix should be one of the top 100 heroes of all time. Mostly because he's a compilation of all of them. :)
  • I have to say, I really didn't know if they were going to live or die.

    Seriously, Season 3 was so dark that killing off everyone was a distinct possibility.

    When I saw the "reboot" and "restore" on the screen, I was cheering!

    And for a 40 something guy to be so caught up in a "children's" tv series, well, either I'm more of a geek than I thought, or it was such a well done series.

    Take your pick.

    I felt the same way about Futurama. To this day, I will not watch "Jurassic Bark" when it comes up in the [adult swim
  • by FoXDie ( 853291 )
    Yes! I'm so excited that ReBoot is returning. However the fans need to go to the Zeros2Heroes site so that we can help shape the new ReBoot how it is supposed to be!
  • by sabernet ( 751826 ) on Saturday July 28, 2007 @04:24AM (#20021221) Homepage
    I hope they don't try to use some hack's voice for him(though he is a shapeshifter now so they could loophole it that way).
    • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

      /me wikis Tony Jay to find out what happened to keep him from the show.

      If you'll excuse me, I need to go cry now.
  • So okay, when they had Dot in the first few seasons, she had the famous "Monoboob". Then when they resurrected Reboot, they finally gave her two. So now with the movies, will they give her three breasts? That's udderly ridiculous. Hope for the breast, expect the wurst.
    • by Eddi3 ( 1046882 )
      No, That's utterly ridiculous. Although, I don't know; Having three boobs might be udderly ridiculous, as well!
      • Re: (Score:1, Funny)

        by Anonymous Coward
        You lose the internet.
    • They only gave her the monoboob for the first 2 seasons because ABC wouldn't let them add detail to them. This also vastly limited their ability to add violence and put main characters at risk. You can see the real difference after they ended their contract with ABC in the first episode of Season 3 where they oversexualize Dot as Elvira, add violence to the show and of course, put characters in mortal danger almost every episode. The movies, aka Season 4 really left me disappointed that it had been cancell
  • It is a fundamental principle of Post-Modernism that all art is replicated. Selling us the same thing over and over again is much more cost-effective than making anything new.
    We have already had the remake of Andy Pandy. How long before Muffin the Mule makes a CG comeback? Replicated tasteless remarks may follow.
    What if we have exhausted the planet's Narativium supply? Global Boredom will be a frightening reality. Damn you Hollywood. Damn you all to hell! (to be really dadaist I guess I should cut and pas
  • It has a trivia section. Sloppy work!
  • Reboot should remain reboot.
    That means the following should NOT happen:

    Excessive character re-design/"Updating for new technology"
    No, the binomes should stay binomes. Sprites should stay sprites.

    Keep in the old feel
    That means utterly horridly corny computer jokes.

    Do NOT try to bring back old characters in a "new" reincarnation that makes them nothing like their old selves.
    Either take the old chars and leave em like that, or design new ones. Don't keep the old character but make them look/act like someone n
    • by HTH NE1 ( 675604 )

      Keep in the old feel
      That means utterly horridly corny computer jokes.
      You mean like Captain Capacitor: The Crimson Binome's, "Avast ye scurvy C-drives!"?
    • So....maybe this will be the writer's excuse to upgrade the look/feel of the show: A system update came, bringing Vista. The system all of a sudden experiences a lot of crashes/malfunctions/glitches/etc., but everything looks really nice. On the other hand, all of the aesthetic upgrades really don't do anything useful, so the system downgrades itself to an older, yet more stable and functional OS: XP. Completely joking here, of course. I completely agree with you.
    • by mink ( 266117 )
      "Do NOT try to bring back old characters in a "new" reincarnation that makes them nothing like their old selves."

      So you saw Transformaers and are glad Megatron took out Jazz before he got a third line of dialog?
  • Nothing witty to say, just AWESOME!!!!!
  • Excuse me? I've yet to see proof that this isn't how computers are ran.
  • by Steve001 ( 955086 ) on Saturday July 28, 2007 @11:28AM (#20023363)

    One of the thing I hope they do is resolve the final cliffhanger before moving on to a new story. To me, that alone would be enough to support a movie on its own.

    Concerning voice actors, I hope that they are able to get most of original the voice actors to return to the series, although it is not possible in some cases (in the recent Neon Genesis Evangelion movie they had to recast the voice actors for some characters because they couldn't find some of the originals). If it can't be done, I hope they voice actors that sound similar to the originals.

    I'd rather not have the drastic change like they did when they changed the dubbing company for Dragonball Z. In at least one case (Krillin), the new voice actor was such a change from the original that it was jarring. In the same way, In Ranma 1/2, when they changed the voice actor for the male Ranma, the new one sounds quite different (the same individual now provides the voice for Inuyasha in the series of the same name).

    But for me, this is good news. Although I enjoyed the first two seasons, beginning with the second season episode "AndrAIa" is when the series became outstanding. The new movies are going to have high standard to meet.

    • Bah, we all know that the user does a system upgrade to a new motherboard, et al, then ghosts his system over, and installs AVG and Megabyte bites the dust.

      Okay, just kidding. I agree, they should pick up where it left off. Tradition and all that. I'm a 49 year old Reboot fan, and it really eats me up to see that this will never happen.

      • Ticklemonster wrote:

        Bah, we all know that the user does a system upgrade to a new motherboard, et al, then ghosts his system over, and installs AVG and Megabyte bites the dust.

        I don't think this will be possible. Based on how time works in the series, the entire series took place in a few minutes (at the most) of real-world time. This is based on Enzo having his one-second birthday during the series (in the same episode [Talent Day] where Bob and Megabyte have their classic guitar battle). Logically,

  • As much as I love ReBoot and want more to be made, I'm definitely worried about what they're going to make. After looking at Zeros 2 Heroes where they talk about ReBoot [] it seems like they're contradicting themselves. They talk about how reinventing a series can ruin it (which is certainly true) but then go on to say how Rainmaker went out and found five "undiscovered" writers so they could come up with "five completely new takes on the ReBoot world."

    Apparently they are going to let the fans decide what th

  • The "Mouse" character from the show absolutely without doubt was modeled from a real life Valkyrie I know personally, rigth down to the TATS & a penchant for swords

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