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Baseball Coverage Coming To Consoles 25

Gamasutra reports that "ESPN and MLB Advanced Media are extending their current digital rights agreement through 2013, and expanding it to allow Major League Baseball content delivery through video game console services. In addition to delivering live game streaming through ESPN properties ESPN360.com and ESPN Mobile TV, the cable television network's agreement expansion includes 'alternative platforms,' like Xbox Live via its Marketplace, along with other download services like the iTunes Store and portable devices like Microsoft's Zune." Further details for the rest of the digital rights agreement are also available.
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Baseball Coverage Coming To Consoles

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    to sleep. ZZZzzzz....
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      by Anonymous Coward

      Obviously you haven't played MGS4.

  • Most people seem to be pushing this away, when really it has large potential. Its no secret that delivering content via consoles is a good idea, but something like sports - SPORTS - is coming to consoles. Television could benefit largely from embracing technology, particularly when integrated with the interface, connectivity (to teh webs) and interactive controls (motion sensor, the Wii's oh so fancy pointing, touchscreen) that we see in many of today's consoles. Don't overlook an industry that needs hel
  • Interesting Details (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Nymz ( 905908 ) on Friday August 22, 2008 @10:23PM (#24714871) Journal
    This story has some interesting details. The summary has no submitter, and the subject isn't that interesting to Slashdotters, but it does happen to have a number of high-value adwords like 'baseball' that brings in higher paying Google ads. Of course, if no one clicks on them, then they still generate zero income. Weird.
    • As a slashdotter who is practically addicted to sports and sports coverage, I'll add that this is story is completely lacking in substance. It's a press release/advertisement. It barely merits coverage on Gamasutra, let alone this fine institution.

  • by Cycon ( 11899 )
    I thought they were going to say you could pull up whatever the big baseball game EA is putting out these days and watch the computer-generated characters run through the play-by-play.

    Wouldn't have to be 100% accurate, a ball that lands somewhere in center field and is thrown in for a double could be represented however the engine chooses to render it, as long as the result is the same.

    Maybe throw in a special button that allows you to watch the "real" clip via streaming video, for a fee (or better yet,

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