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Glasses Purge 3rd D From Films 123

After watching in the theater and nearly losing my lunch, not from the low-brow hijinx, but instead from the motion sickness, I've already put my in for the De-3D Cinema Glasses that ThinkGeek started selling today. I'm pretty sure that 3D movies are conspiracy between the , Dramamine, and Film industries to drive up ticket prices and dinner, so I hope these work half as well as advertised. And please note that ThinkGeek and Slashdot share corporate so if you got a problem with that, complain a whole bunch in the comments while loading our banner ads.
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Glasses Purge 3rd D From Films

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  • You're missing a "wordsuggest" around "complain a whole bunch in the comments while loading banner our banner ads."

    • Oh sure... take it out. Make me look like a bigger fool on this day of fools!

    • You're missing a "wordsuggest" around "complain a whole bunch in the comments while loading banner our banner ads."

      It must be April 1. That was actually fixed, and quickly even.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      The word "dick" was also missing from the second choice.

  • by Jailbrekr ( 73837 ) <jailbrekr@digitaladdiction.net> on Friday April 01, 2011 @12:23PM (#35689114) Homepage

    April Fools is fun, but only when the JOKES ARE FUNNY.

    • Slashdot's jokes, on the other hand... let's just say I'm sticking my head in the sand until this fateful day is over. See you for the aftermath!

      • by harrkev ( 623093 )

        The funny thing is that these glasses could actually be made for the SAME cost as regular 3D movie glasses.

        Regular movie glasses have two circularly-polarized lenses -- one clockwise and one counter-clockwise.

        As you would expect, all that you have to do is make both lenses have the same polarization, and the 3D magically goes away.

        • Yeah, I saw this on thinkgeek earlier and thought "holy crap that's a good idea".

          • Not really. Most movies that run in 3d also have 2d showings at the same theater. It might be useful if your someone who gets sick watching 3d and you're stuck seeing the 3d version of a movie with a friend or friends but that probably isn't a large enough market to be worth it. When, and if, movie theaters ever convert over to 100% 3D, then this will become a much more viable product. I can see theaters having them on hand behind the counter for the small % of the population that can't handle 3D.

            • by skids ( 119237 )

              you're stuck seeing the 3d version of a movie with a friend or friends but that probably isn't a large enough market to be worth it.

              Spoken like a true slashdotter.

              • That's actually the case I was thinking about. I suppose I should have elaborated instead of just posting a 1 sentence comment that can't be edited.

        • by Gutboy ( 587531 )
          Since I wear polarized lenses already, I only get to see 1/2 the movie. I should get a discount.
        • by skids ( 119237 )

          Or just grab two pairs from the ticket guy, and pop the right lens out of one and tape it in the left side of the other.

    • The 2D glasses sound like something I might actually use. I mean, the theory is sound.

      The fish lips flavored iPhone bumber is definitely useless. I prefer a padded case.

      • They are actually useful. Of course you can replicate it for free...get two pairs of glasses at the theater, pop the left lens out of one and replace it with the right lens from the other pair.
      • by JTsyo ( 1338447 )
        Wouldn't you miss everything that was in the other layer though? For example say a car wrecks and the wheel flies toward you. With the 2D, would you see the tire at all?
        • You would always see everything. It isn't going to look 3-D unless they're providing images of the same object to both eyes. And yeah I agree with posters above, I can definitely see use cases for these things....
    • wwa wa waaaaaa
  • by Dartz-IRL ( 1640117 ) on Friday April 01, 2011 @12:27PM (#35689148)

    Oh don't worry, I'm enjoying your comments from behind the safety of my adblockers.

    • by ackthpt ( 218170 )

      Oh don't worry, I'm enjoying your comments from behind the safety of my adblockers.

      If you were a subscriber you wouldn't have to put up with them.

      However the AdBlockers Deluxe turn almost instantly black when I'm surfing the internet or checking email. I wonder what's going on elsewhere in the world.

    • by MORB ( 793798 )

      I'm enjoying the comments from behind my longer and bigger amount of karma that makes slashdot offers me the option to be rid of the ads intended for lesser beings.

    • by geekoid ( 135745 )


  • by Technician ( 215283 ) on Friday April 01, 2011 @12:28PM (#35689154)

    Micro edits are broken. I edited it on the home page and then loaded the story. The edits reverted back to the defaults.

    If the studios would back off on camera action and zoom while in 3D the results would be much better. If a movie like The Sound of Music was shot using existing camera distances the 3 D would have been worth it except the opening helicopter shot.

  • There's nothing quite up to "tauntaun sleeping bag" brilliance, but ThinkGeek's AFJs are generally worth looking at:

    http://www.thinkgeek.com/interests/looflirpa/ [thinkgeek.com]

    And the video they did for the light saber popsicles is worth it for the "ice cream truck Vader" theme:

    http://www.thinkgeek.com/interests/looflirpa/e8b8/ [thinkgeek.com]

  • Looking at the Think Geek site, I would just like to say: I'd rather be a smart ass than a dumb ass. And, unfortunately, being an ass seems to be a survival trait in this society.

  • by mcmonkey ( 96054 ) on Friday April 01, 2011 @12:31PM (#35689170) Homepage

    What about the folks who only have one eye?

    Will there be a monocle version of the un-3-d-er?

  • by Moof123 ( 1292134 ) on Friday April 01, 2011 @12:33PM (#35689178)

    More than once we've run into log jams where I don't want a massive headache, but others in the crowd really have their hearts on seeing the lame hollywood flop in 3D. A simple set of either RH only or LH only polarized lenses would be great!

    • by xded ( 1046894 )

      Go over at ThinkGeek and actually try to buy them. Even if it's an April fool, if they see enough interest they will turn them into an actual product (as happened before with the Tauntaun sleeping bag, iCADE, Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt, 8-bit Tie, etc...)

      And there's no big science behind these glasses, so they should also land pretty quickly on-market.

  • by Digital Vomit ( 891734 ) on Friday April 01, 2011 @12:34PM (#35689190) Homepage Journal

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  • Would have made Tron Legacy slightly less lame.
    • Would have made Tron Legacy slightly less lame.

      I will go even further. I think Tron Legacy could have been pretty OK without the 3D crap.
      I am old enough that I saw the original Tron in the theater, when it first came out. It was awesome! Not really, but remembering it through my rose coloured, non 3D glasses it sure seems awesome.

  • Easy to make your own using two pairs of 3d glasses: http://technabob.com/blog/2011/02/10/turn-3d-glasses-into-2d-glasses-how/ [technabob.com]
    • by mcmonkey ( 96054 )

      I love it!

      Makes me want to break in to the local moving picture house, 'update' the 3-D glasses to be L-L or R-R, and break back out.

      I wonder how any people will marvel at the visuals either due to the placebo effect or because they don't want to admit they don't see the '3-D'.

  • The glasses don't do anything about the plot or the characters, which are already 2-dimensional.
  • The sad part is, there's no reason this couldn't be done. And except for the slightly dimmer screen (and the greater difficulty in seeing your fellow movie-goers, which is a good thing) you could have a relatively normal 2D viewing experience with your 3D-viewing friends. Of course, I already wear glasses, so it would be more normal for me than it would be for some others.

    On a related note, if we got people into the idea of having their own damned 3D glasses, it would be a lot harder for theatres to insis

    • You do realize you could get a "relatively normal 2d viewing experience" at a 3D movie simply by wearing the glasses and closing one eye, don't you?
    • by Misagon ( 1135 )

      The [url=http://www.thinkgeek.com/interests/looflirpa/e8bc/]Super 3DBoy iPhone Game System[/url] has also already been done before in real life.

  • Is the USB Minecraft Nether Portal that woukld be awesome

  • Speaking of 3D (Score:5, Informative)

    by Locke2005 ( 849178 ) on Friday April 01, 2011 @12:54PM (#35689338)
    xkcd is now xk3d [xkcd.com]
  • I've noticed the "ihateaprilfools" tag a couple of times now, and I hope that /. doesn't take that too seriously. I for one (yeah, yeah) like them, even if they do vary in quality (everything does). I'd hate to see this go away because of a few nofunniks that frankly if they didn't like it so much, they can just avoid the site for a day. And the Ponies gag was pure gold, still my favorite! Especially since the site that inspired it (cute overlord) responded back by say how "cute" geeks were! LOL
    • April Fools jokes poison the never-forgets-anything-except-the-date-it-appear web for months (if not years if the topic doesn't generate enough non-joke content to push the joke content off the first page).

      Google should ignore anything indexed on or around April 1st unless you tell it to specifically allow them.

  • by camperdave ( 969942 ) on Friday April 01, 2011 @01:02PM (#35689398) Journal
    I want good 3D: Good Dialog
    Good Drama
    Good Dramatis Personae

    In other words, memorable lines, engaging plot, and believable characters. Get those three down (along with good music) first. Then we'll talk.
  • This actually could be a real product, it IS technically possible. But who would want to pay extra to sit though a 3D movie to watch it in 2D?

    • Because your friends don't want to see the 'lame' 2D version. Besides, this is /.. WE'd just download the 3D version to watch on our 2D monitors,
  • Adblock Plus/NoScript/FlashBlock master race checking in.
    If you still see banner ads, you don't know SHIT about computers. XD
  • Ya'll know today is April 1st? Right?
  • This is a April fools thing I;m assuming but I bet some people would really benefit from this. Both eyes with same polarization I assume.

    A lot of people bitch about 3D and how it gives them headaches, and the movie only being avail in 3D. This would solve that.

    While I'm sure its a joke, thinkgeek should actually sell these.
  • it's not for most people.
  • by John.P.Jones ( 601028 ) on Friday April 01, 2011 @01:37PM (#35689618)

    I wish they would only use stereoscopic 3D to simulate depth inside the frame not jump out so that the perceived depth of things further away was presented (depth > 0) but it didn't create the illusion of things (usually annoying things) jumping out of the screen (depth 0). Then the screen would be more like a window pane which is the right way to present 3d. This is what a real 'vector' display would be as opposed to a raster display (analogous to a vector field instead of a scalar field) in which each quantized pixel location determined not just a single color emitted in all directions but a quantized set of directions, each of which could be assigned an independent color. Of course the level of quantization necessary to achieve a realistic effect would probably make such a display impossible to build and the data stream necessary to feed that display would be immense (not to mention the technology needed to capture that data.)

  • The 3d movies I've seen only make bad movies worse. And they're all bad movies.

  • My brain has been turned to slush by some rhinovirus (or hippovirus?), so I helplessly fell for all the April Fool jokes today. But wait...maybe these glasses are for real. I don't have the energy to actually check—let alone think. But hey, I hate 3D, so if I could watch the 3D movie without the blurriness and without the headache-inducing third dimension, that would be cool.

    As far as I'm concerned, there could only be one application where 3D would add value...but any male actors would totally bum m

  • There are actually such glasses, even when its not the first - not sure about the stuff think geek is selling though.

  • I have to to agree with most of the posters. It did not cut it this year. Past years, I was pulled in a couple of times, but Mad Libs just does not work.
  • as a rule the film makers are spending too much time making things jump around, that the films which are being released, or have been released over the past 18 months have no substance. Drop 3d altogether in my opinion, and concentrate on some interesting stories instead.

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