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Today Is Record Store Day 2011 108

An anonymous reader writes "Today marks the 5th annual Record Store Day, a celebration of independent record stores. As a music lover, I think this day is of dire importance." I know Free Comic Book Day (for 2011, that's May 7) has gotten a lot of people into comic stores who otherwise wouldn't — partly because of the many free comics given away — but hadn't heard of the record-store equivalent. It'd be nice for record stories to give away tons of 7" vinyl promos.
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Today Is Record Store Day 2011

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  • Nice Try (Score:4, Funny)

    by SilverHatHacker ( 1381259 ) on Saturday April 16, 2011 @01:33PM (#35841072)

    It'd be nice for record stories[sic] to give away tons of 7" vinyl promos.

    They'd be sued into oblivion if they tried. Can't have them promoting piracy and stealing money from the artists, now can we?

    • The high prices, the litigation, and very restricted license is what is keeping me from buying music anymore.

      Want a background track for you online video?. Forbidden. Want to make a clip a ringtone? Forbidden. Want to convert it to play on your MP3 player? Forbidden. Want to use it for annimated christmas lights? Forbidden.

      Basically anything other than private in home playing of the vinyl is forbidden.

      If you want to sequence Christmas Lights you can buy an additional license for the public performance. T

      • Exactly.

        There are some seven uses in this post above me.

        Does he want to download seven copies per song?!!

        Nah -

        We need a system that fairy takes a single paid copy and lets you make ReSpins as you like.

        (What, the Orig. Artists didn't do that?? Shame on them if the original is tempo 25% too fast and timbre 37% too high.)

    • Offtopic:

      I know the White Hat Black Hat framework.

      What does a Silver Hat hacker do?

      • It's a Gray Hat who likes to stand out/show off.
        I'm not actually claiming to be a gray hat, mind you. It sort of started as a joke, and by the time I realised no one understood what I meant it was too late.
      • I don't know, but brown hat [urbandictionary.com] hackers specialize in penetrating macs.

    • They actually did the exact opposite and produced a series of limited edition vinyl records exclusively for the event, which is great for the collectors but I'd asumme they will already aware of their local independent shops. For those of those who have been tempted away from independent record stores by the internet first with cheap cds then downloads and finally streaming, it doesn't offer that much more really apart from a chance to pull in a few extra pundits with some publicity. My local shop put on a
  • by neiras ( 723124 )

    "Indy" record stores are basically just venues for the Hipster Olympics' circlejerk event.

    Bring on the shaming!

    • You've gotta be completely oblivious, or a troll. Either way, I'm responding only to point that out.

      • by neiras ( 723124 )

        You've gotta be completely oblivious, or a troll. Either way, I'm responding only to point that out.

        You're cute. Are those the only options I have?

        Please, point out more little gems for my further amusement - if you can tear yourself away from your search for a rare 1972 Zombies LP... er, self-worth.

  • by Seumas ( 6865 )

    How quaint.

  • So like, do they sell paperwork or something?
  • Gosh I actually logged in to comment on this... Yes I went out to Stirling today and supported one of my local shops there; they had bands on out front and back and even the Scottish weather managed to stay mostly sunny. Never seen the place so busy before! Long live the analogue hole :)
    • That, sir, sounds like a grand day out. A lot of people commenting here seem to be missing the point completely, focusing only on the material aspects and ignoring the experience. Not surprising really!
  • Better give out free players too.

    How many people out there wouldn't have the equipment to play those 7" promos if they were given one?

  • cant say I feel like giving them money knowing some of it will be spent suing people

    • It is most likely that the independent stores promote independent music not controlled by the RIAA, so I suggest that your comment is redundant.
  • FLAC (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Rik Sweeney ( 471717 )

    Until I can (legally) download albums in FLAC format, I'll continue to buy CD albums from a record store.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      Zunior.com [zunior.com] sells albumbs in FLAC for an extra $2 each.

    • I realize this isn't quite what you're looking for, but bandcamp [bandcamp.com] offers music in in basically any format imaginable, including FLAC. It's mostly smaller artists, but there are a few big names (like Amanda Palmer, for example).
  • It'd be nice for record stories[sic] to give away tons of 7" vinyl promos.

    Yep, there's no better way to attract new customers than by giving away a product that no mainstream customer actually cares about. There's a significant portion that wouldn't even stop by for free CDs.

    • The stores participating are not really "mainstream" stores, at least as far as I can tell. I'd wager most of the people making trips to brick and mortar record shops for this event are the consumers who purchase vinyl. You're probably right about a significant portion of people not stopping by for free CDs even, but there are still consumers who would gladly make a trip to their local record shop to get 50% off vinyl or other items.

    • And 'mainstream' is a good thing? Enjoy your Lady Gaga. I don't care about 'mainstream customers' - perhaps these stores don't either.
  • by polaris20 ( 893532 ) on Saturday April 16, 2011 @02:16PM (#35841436)
    I really miss the one shop record stores, even as they transitioned from vinyl to CD. There's just something about flipping through the disks, looking at the covers, checking out all the knicknack crap they'd have, T-Shirts, posters, etc. For bookstores (not the mega stores) it was always awesome to go through their collections, grab a paperback and a magazine, and then go grab a cup of coffee. Borders and B&N commercialized and neutered that experience, and Amazon obliterated it. I guess it's our own fault though; the public's continued demand for speed and convenience seems to always outweigh the experience. Like comparing a nice train ride to a flight. I'm really not that old, honest. ;)
    • Honestly, the biggest thing to miss is being able to talk to somebody who actually cares about the music. Sure depending upon which store you could end up with comic book guy or the guys from Hi Fidelity telling you that whatever you're looking for sucks, but so much music is found through social means, it's just not the same looking through online listings.

      • Yeah, I agree. It's kinda like that with musical instrument stores. I'm a guitar player too, so inevitably I find myself browsing the online sites, or going to Guitar Center or whatever. But nothing beats going into a small family-owned shop and talking to some guy who really loves music, loves playing guitars, and doesn't pull the "used car salesman" BS like the big box stores do.
        • I think that really goes for any specialist hobby or practice. You can usually tell a good camera shop by the amount of knowledge the sales people have about the craft.

    • by ErikZ ( 55491 ) *

      Wait til the same happens to bookstores.

  • independent music is as accessible and creative as it has ever been. check it out.

  • It's not that big a deal to me
  • I thought /. was against the Record Industry and the limits Brick and Mortar put on sharing music?

    Just down the page is the article about the merits of Google buying all the record companies while they, Amazon and maybe Apple put everything up on the Cloud for access.

    Why are we supporting Brick and Mortar now?

  • Some of my favorite places during my life have been small (mom & pop) bookstores!

  • If you have anything to play a 7" promo on, you're probably already a customer.

    I haven't seen a record player in decades.

    • Last time I was in BestBuy a couple years ago, I saw a couple turntables, it was like 2 or 3 of them that BestBuy had on display. If BestBuy carries them, then it shouldn't be too much of a hassle to track one down.

      • by captjc ( 453680 )

        I was just in Target (in PA), today and they had quite a few turntables. I also went to Best Buy and they not only had record players, but *new* records as well including Thriller and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

  • I never liked music shops of any sort, because I could never figure what CDs to buy from the purty pictures on the covers. Only a few places ever bothered to put up a music sampling station, but none of them had a fast-forward button, so it took an excessive amount of time to sample the music. (It's surprising how many songs have a long prelude they tells you nothing about the music that's to come. And without fast-forward, you can't skip the prelude.)

    Radio and Pandora are pretty much the best way to dis

    • by gl4ss ( 559668 )

      that's why those stores still in business sell a lot of special edition stuff of old releases, lot's of fan stuff, t-shirts, concert tickets etc. in other words, something more than just the audio data.

    • I think you were going to the wrong music shops. The place I haunted in my younger days, [url=http://www.flatblackandcircular.com/pages/store.html]Flat Black and Circular[/url], let you listen to any compact disc or phonographic record on a pair of headphones off to the side. If the CD or record was new and the shrink wrap was still on the packaging, you'd just take it to the counter and they'd remove it for you. If you're passionite about music, it's hard to beat face-to-face interactions with other peo

  • Permanent Records in Chicago was doing just that early this morning.
  • I don't understand why so many have been so dismissive of this record store day and in particular vinyl. My iPod stopped working lastnight. Maybe it is fixable, maybe not but I'm not in a panic of 'oh noes, I can haz NO music'. I have a couple of hundred vinyl albums that will keep me going until I figure out the technical issue with the iPod. So I don't have access to the 11,000+ tunes that are or were on the iPod but it's not the end of the world. And if there is no electricity I'll just play my acoustic
  • What is a record store, dad?

  • I have, going into NYC to spend a few hours looking through the old stuff at Colony Records, hoping to find a keeper or something to trade with Slim at Times Square Records. Moonglows, Flamingos, Orioles, colored vinyl 45s'
  • I had a great time at my neighborhood record store today, which I've shopped at for 20+ years. They had bands all day, the very nice RSD exclusives to pick through, tons of records, cds to dig through and all the free PBR you could drink. When I was a kid my dad would take me to record stores, and now I take my kids. Some of the people there today are music writers that I've followed for a long time, their recommendations used to guide me (this was when there was only newspaper, not the internet to learn ab

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