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Gitionary: the Git Party Game 50

sdasher writes "Finally, there's a chance to combine your love of version control and parties: Gitionary. The brainchild of two MIT alums, it's a party game where you try to illustrate git commands. A set of gitionary cards (PDF) has been posted as well. Personally, I'm still holding out for the Debugging Python RPG."
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Gitionary: the Git Party Game

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  • Could be a useful training tool for a team. But it sort of tells you why geeks never get the girls :)

  • A party game for gits []!
  • This sounded really fun when I thought it was about acting about Gitmo torture techniques. I was getting ready to invite over the in-laws.
    • The commands are so complicated that you need a game to be able to memorize them?

      It's stuff like this that makes you just want to stick with good old SVN.

  • meaning that he wanted to see an illustration of that.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Note the original post is from 2010/03/08
    Classic Slashdot.

  • Not enough people would agree to throwing all the anal-retentive, socially retarded, micro-brained people in jail; but with GIT PARTIES, it is a bit like they are voluntarily joining the D+D crowd in their own little isolated societies.

    It is a bit like Karaoke. All the people I don't want to be around and all the music I don't want to hear are concentrated in a place with a big warning sign.

  • What rhymes with gluttany? Glittany. It would have been more interesting if the name was Glitany.
  • It's stuff like this that makes me embarassed to work in IT. We all have enough of a geeky reputation as it is and working as I do in a large financial organisation, we're slowly getting to the point that business people see us as peers. However, anything like this just makes us look like overgrown children and sets everything back a decade. Sorry to be a bit bah-humbug but really...
    • working as I do in a large financial organisation, we're slowly getting to the point that business people see us as peers.

      That's just what we tell you to make you work harder.

      Signed, a business person.

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