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Three-Year Deal Nets Hulu Exclusive Rights To South Park 138

First time accepted submitter gunner_von_diamond writes with news about a deal between the creators of South Park and Hulu. If you're a fan of South Park, you better be a fan of Hulu as well. Specifically, Hulu Plus. The creators of the funny, foul-mouthed animated TV show have signed a deal with the online streaming service. Valued at more than $80 million, the three-year deal grants Hulu exclusive rights to stream the 240+ episode back catalog of South Park in addition to all new episodes (as soon as they've aired on Comedy Central). "This is a natural partnership for us. We are excited that the entire library will be available on Hulu and that the best technology around will power South Park Digital Studios," said creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, in a statement.
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Three-Year Deal Nets Hulu Exclusive Rights To South Park

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  • by ArcadeMan ( 2766669 ) on Monday July 14, 2014 @04:24PM (#47450993)

    What about Canada, you uncle fuckers?

    • by Anonymous Coward

      What about Canada, you uncle fuckers?

      I'm simply happy someone out there is giving Netflix some fucking competition already.

      I was getting rather sick and tired of the Internet slowly being divided into two forms of traffic: Netflix and everything else. Hell, even porn was getting jealous.

      • AFAIK Hulu isn't giving Netflix any competition outside of the U.S.A.

      • Yeah, it's not like Murdoch would ever pull a Hearst and get people attracted to his media outlets just so he can spew falsities to advance his political agenda.

        Oh wait...
      • by Chas ( 5144 ) on Monday July 14, 2014 @06:04PM (#47451735) Homepage Journal

        Yeah. But it's Hulu.

        Sorry, but Hulu's add-supported format sucks so hard you're expecting it to eat a bird and explode like a jet engine.
        And any sub fees for Hulu Plus don't make those stupid, repetitive ads go away or decrease in frequency. You're just paying for access to more ad-infested content.

        If that's competition, I'll stick with Amazon Prime and Netflix.

        • by JDeane ( 1402533 )

          If only I had mod points....

          Yeah I tried out all three of the services.

          Netflix is wining because it's the best for the amount of content and it works on everything down to the Wii.

          Amazon has newer content than Netflix but overall has less content. So to me getting Netflix and Amazon is a good fit they compliment each other.

          Hulu.... When I was able to get it working...(PC,PS3,Wii-U,Wii,Android.) Technical difficulties aside, too many commercials, too much weird "content" IE previews of shows they don't actua

        • by Anonymous Coward

          Regular Hulu is great, if you are poor like me, and streaming to a connected Big Screen TV isn't even an option. If you're poor like me, even with the ads, hands down it beats all other TV options, just to be able to schedule one's TV schedule randomly and at-will. Then there's the folks with so much money I can't comprehend, and subscriptions for these folks isn't gonna hurt them, but in their case, why would all the ads be acceptable? Netflix and Amazon Prime don't have any ads, and can easily be shared a

      • I was getting rather sick and tired of the Internet slowly being divided into two forms of traffic:

        Popcorn Time.

      • What about Canada, you uncle fuckers?

        I'm simply happy someone out there is giving Netflix some fucking competition already.

        I was getting rather sick and tired of the Internet slowly being divided into two forms of traffic: Netflix and everything else. Hell, even porn was getting jealous.

        They're not. Hulus just a conglomerate owned by all the networks. Don't expect any innovation to come out of there... the sole purpose of Hulu is to try and prevent anything better from coming along.

    • by thevirtualcat ( 1071504 ) on Monday July 14, 2014 @04:36PM (#47451067)

      You could put this comment on any other article and it would be (-1, Troll) instead of (5, Funny.)

      Thanks, South Park!

      • It's also informative, since technically Canada isn't supposed to get Hulu Plus (though it's not too hard to get around that limitation).

        • by Mashiki ( 184564 )

          We also get another version of Netflix the majority of which is shit tier compared to the US. Though that's also trivial to get around.

    • It's not even a real country, anyway.
  • by tysonedwards ( 969693 ) on Monday July 14, 2014 @04:25PM (#47451005)
    Mr. Garrison: What do you think, Mr. Marsh? You ready to put a down payment on that baby?
    Randy Marsh: Well yeah, but I just had one question about how it works. Well, it seems all the buttons on these front and rear flexi-grips are also found on the side of the vehicle.
    Mr. Garrison: Yep.
    Randy Marsh: So, they don't really do anything.
    Mr. Garrison: Right.
    Randy Marsh: So then, couldn't I just order one that works without going in and out of my ass and mouth?
    Mr. Garrison: [pause] ... Well, I guess you could.
    Customers: Huh? What's that? What'd he say?

    So... they give us Hulu...
  • by Anonymous Coward

    Bittorrent. And PopcornTime. And every other filesharing network and file host on the entire planet.

    Keep walling those gardens. It's all wasted effort. The walls are transparent when the garden is digital.

  • by azav ( 469988 ) on Monday July 14, 2014 @04:32PM (#47451043) Homepage Journal
    Screw you guys. I'm going home!
  • Not worth it (Score:5, Informative)

    by 93 Escort Wagon ( 326346 ) on Monday July 14, 2014 @04:39PM (#47451087)

    I tried Hulu Plus for a couple months, but it's just ridiculous. We were forced to watch the same unskippable commercials as we'd seen in the free version, and every week I subscribed it seemed like either the individual commercial breaks got longer or the number of breaks increased (and perhaps both). If I wanted to scroll back to re-view some critical part of the show, and that part happened just before a commercial - I get to watch the commercials AGAIN. And there wasn't anything I wanted to watch that was on Hulu Plus but not on regular Hulu! So basically they wanted me to pay their subscription fee just to remove the artificial restriction that prevents non-Plus subscribers from watching Hulu on devices other than their computer.

    So if you haven't experienced it, here's the executive summary: The Hulu Plus experience is pretty much exactly what you'd expect, given the company was the brainchild of a couple broadcast networks.

    I don't care what exclusives they get - I will never subscribe to Hulu Plus again.

    • Re:Not worth it (Score:5, Informative)

      by FictionPimp ( 712802 ) on Monday July 14, 2014 @04:43PM (#47451115) Homepage

      That was my basic opinion of it as well. I'm not paying money to watch commercials, especially when I can watch amazon or netflix without commercials.

      • Some people like cereal that tastes like bran, because they NEED to taste the punishment it requires to be healthy and nut just eat a salad or a pine cone.

        If I can't see a Progressive commercial 20 times in one Hulu show, I don't feel like I've earned the movie. I might as well turn off the computer and take a walk.

        • by Threni ( 635302 )

          Squirrels eat pine cones; i've never heard of a person doing that.

          And you can't have salad for breakfast; that's just wrong!

    • by nwf ( 25607 )

      They noted "This is a natural partnership for us" and I was thinking, "what, the Hulu executives are a bunch of foul-mouthed caricatures?" As you noted, they are the brainchild of broadcast networks, so perhaps, yes. I think the characters on South Park may have demonstrated more business savvy than these executives, though.

      But, same deal here, I'll never pay for Hulu anything. If Netflix doesn't offer it or I can't otherwise find it, I just don't need to watch it.

    • by geekoid ( 135745 )

      I like hulu plus. There are show wouldn't have found otherwise.
      Sure, maybe you aren't interested in there subscription shows, but that doesn't make it bad. It makes it bad for you.

      Brooklyn 99, Life on Mars to just name 2

    • I look at it this way: I can pay $100+ a month to watch cable TV with commercials or I can pay $9 for Netflix, $8 for Hulu Plus, and nothing for my TV antenna for local shows. Yes, the ads on Hulu Plus are annoying, repetitive, and can't be skipped. But, I grew up in the 70s and 80s and have developed the skills to cope with ads and the lack of time shifting for local news. Millennial's milage may vary...

      • I look at it this way: I can pay $100+ a month to watch cable TV with commercials or I can pay $9 for Netflix, $8 for Hulu Plus, and nothing for my TV antenna for local shows. Yes, the ads on Hulu Plus are annoying, repetitive, and can't be skipped. But, I grew up in the 70s and 80s and have developed the skills to cope with ads and the lack of time shifting for local news. Millennial's milage may vary...

        The problem is, how much of that $100 is your internet bill? Adding the TV channels to my Comcast bill added ~$30/mo to my bill, and that included all of the sports channels we would use (e.g. ESPN family, B1G, Tennis Channel, &c.) as well as HBO. Granted, we used a cablecard w/ an HDHR unit to avoid another $20-$30/mo and the headache of using their DVR (why the hell can't it output the video in a fixed format instead of switching between 480P/720P/1080i when channel surfing???), but spending $30/mo

      • You don't have to watch cable TV with commercials.. Get a DVR.. or jeez, a VCR. I was skipping commercials well over 20 years ago with my own VCRs, close to 30 with my parents' VCR... and now with DVRs..

        (Note, I *do* use On Demand once in a while, and that DOES have unskippable commercials for SOME channels.. Though after a couple of days, the commercials are often skippable [for non-broadcast stations], but even broadcast stations sometimes, e.g. Enlisted, had shows with NO commercials on On Demand.)

    • Hulu's not Plus, they're just big-boned...

      Seriously, same opinion here: I won't pay to watch commercials.

      Trey and Matt: have fun with the money.
      Hulu: screw you guys, I am going home...(or rather, to Netflix)

    • I agree the commercials suck. Also, having to watch the same commercials over and over again make me want to NOT buy that product because of the extreme annoyance that is now associated with the product. HOWEVER, between Hulu Plus, Netflix, and an OTA antenna I can satisfy all my TV needs without paying for the greater evil, Comcast or DirecTV. So whereas I hate the commercial breaks (and fortunately, some shows have none) I like the small step in cord-cutting that Hulu Plus provides me. Also, even though
    • Yep, let's see...I pay my ISP for access to the Internet, then I pay Hulu for access to their content, then I pay Hulu AGAIN with my time whenever I'm forced to watch commercials, which are often the only content that loads reliably, which takes up even more of my time....

      Screw the biggest, most idiotic kind of that.
    • I don't have it yet but was going to get it somewhat soon for some shows I want that I want to watch the current season of. However I do NOT want hulu, I want to watch on my tv and not my computer. The commercials are a pain but I'd get to see the programs maybe a year or two before Netflix.

      At least I can try it out for a month to see if it works (unlike amazon where you have to pay for a full year).

    • I completely agree. Why should I pay $8/month to watch annoying, repetitive commercials from Hulu Plus when I can play Netflix roughly the same for ad-free content?

      Dear Jack in the Box advertising department:

      When I see the same JitB ad played each and every single damn commercial break, every single day for a week or more, it makes me never want to do business with you. EVER. So perhaps you should talk to whatever ad network Hulu and Comedy Central use and have them put a limit on the number of times

      • Do you twitch uncontrollably when someone mentions JitB?

        You know you can click the "This commercial applies to me" button in order to use aversion therapy to remove any desire to buy a specific product, don't you? It's not commercials -- it's a FEATURE. If you want to lose weight, just choose the fast food category. If you want to stop sending money to starving people, choose one of the charities. The Army Recruiting aversion therapy may yet end war mongering in this country...

    • Well they're not censored such as "Red Hot Catholic Love" and frankly the commercials (average about 10 sec) only occur 2 to 3 times an episode. I like Hulu Plus because they also have shows out there like "The Young Ones" and others that aren't on Netflix. It beats the shit out of fucking cable where every fucking channel is full of commercials. At our house we've gotten rid of HBO/Showtime etc. and now it's Hulu Plus, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

      • It beats the shit out of fucking cable where every fucking channel is full of commercials.

        Hey, watch your mouth buddy.

        You should have written "It beats the shit out of fucking cable where every fucking channel is full of fucking commercials."

    • What's the big deal? I mean, there are people who LIKE having a search bar to make Windows 8 Tiles functional and Hulu Plus is for people who would like to pay for Netflix but they miss commercials.

      There are also people who like toll booths. Stop being a Toll Booth, Win 8, Hulu Plus hater!

      Oh, and I want Xbox One to bring back the restrictions on selling old games and being always online, because I'm a patriot!

  • People still watch South Park.....
  • by djupedal ( 584558 ) on Monday July 14, 2014 @04:41PM (#47451097)
    As a long time SP fan, anything that keeps it going is fine with me.
  • Good news for Trey and Matt, the show is on multiple times per day here and I don't know how I can do much more watching. Comedy Central technology works OK for me.$80 mil? Really?
  • I watched an episode of it on Hulu the other night. It wasn't an all out terrible experience. While Hulu is far more agressive with their anti-adblocking, they have far fewer ads than South Park Studios did. (South Park Studios often had more ads than watching on Comedy Central.)

    That said, since it's going behind the paywall and I don't watch anything else behind Hulu's paywall, I guess I'll just find some other show that makes decent background noise. (Or just pirate it, but I suspect I'm too lazy to do th

  • Hulu Plus became a non-option for me when they decided to show unskippable commercials in their content. I'm amazed that they had 80 dollars to spend on new content, much less 80 million.
  • by HornWumpus ( 783565 ) on Monday July 14, 2014 @04:46PM (#47451137)

    Super Best Friends?

    Comedy Central censored out Evangaline (female Butters) talking about getting her snootch pounded on friday nights.

    I'm guessing, no. Gutless Hulu.

    • Also censored now is pooping out your mouth...

      I too am curious what episodes will still be censored. Super Best Friends? Cartoon Wars? ...the aforementioned pooping episode?

  • To me, it's as if they WANT to drive everyone to don an eye-patch.

    • by Kremmy ( 793693 )
      Precisely. It's a very old and very common practice where you put your victim into the situation you want to demonize them for. Then demonize them. It's worked very well for a lot of very evil people over the years.
  • They must be trying to attract a male audience. I took a look at Hulu. All I saw was the crappy, prime time network crap that has been engineered for middle aged women of below average IQ. Revenge, Hell's Kitchen, The Kardashians, etc. The shows that might be interesting (Doctor Who and a few others) aren't exclusive and can be seen sans annoying commercials on Amazon and/or Netflix.

    When I think of the South Park audience I don't think Hulu. That's probably what Hulu was thinking - what a way to attrac

    • by asavage ( 548758 )
      $80M for 3 years and $8/month means they need to gain 277K subscribers to break even, not counting ad revenue and hosting costs. It seems like new episodes will still be on the south park studios website reducing some possible views. Another way to look at it is they will need to grow their subscribers by about 5% (6M now) and it cost them about 3% of their yearly revenue (1 Billion). It doesn't seem like it would pay back but we'll see I guess.
  • i noticed this earlier. i sent them an email. as an expat i always watched new episodes on their website. now with hulu region-ing everything that option is gone.

  • They don't give a shit anymore.

    • by Greyfox ( 87712 )
      I'm guessing. I stopped watching them last season. It really felt like they were just phoning it in, and have been since The Book of Mormon took off. At the same time, I think they (and I) probably had issues with Comedy Central's standards and practices. I'm guessing once it goes over to Hulu, the various characters will now be able to say "fuck." Knowing Matt and Trey, they're going to abuse the hell out of that in the first episode.
      • Yeah, that is pretty much how I view it too. I was thinking it seemed like they weren't really interested in South Park any more after they started doing broadway shows.

  • South Park is long past the glory days when it was the saving grace of Comedy Central. Here's a perfect way to bring further revenue in for new episodes and paywall content from better seasons past.

    The creators of South Park are very clever, and they see the writing on the wall - South Park isn't going to last forever.
    • by wwphx ( 225607 )
      Well, it's been a good run, but I don't have Hulu and have no plans for buying it. So I guess no more South Park for me. I'm heartbroken. Really. I'm seeing a cardiologist next week for a work-up.

      At least it'll free up a slot in my DVR's programming list.
  • Hulu is a joke, Hulu Plus is an insult. The broadcast industry in general is an insult. Protected Entitled Industry is Entitled ... well, Entitled to NOTHING.

    My Son, who is 20, simply hasn't watched "Commercial Infested" Entertainment for 4+ years? Most of his friends are the same way. The "commercial" model is not sustainable for much longer, then it will be dead ... good bye and good riddance. Hulu Plus? Utter Joke and isn't competition for NetFlix in the least. Hulu is the titanic of the Broadcast

  • The Pirate Bay will be devastated.

  • It's an exclusive deal that kicks in this Fall.

    At the moment, downloaded "purchases" from the iTunes Store, Netflix, and Amazon don't have ads. Replayable, scrubbable, etc.

    With this deal, viewers pay three times to watch. Once for cable/internet service, second by watching on Comedy Central, and then third via Hulu plus un-skippable ads, if you like an occasional re-run. Yeech!
  • I'm Netflix...
  • Others have already said this but I am weighing in here so if Hulu is reading this they get why I am no longer a customer and won't be coming back until they change. I am not paying for a service that has advertisements, period. I don't care if you add South Park or not. I would rather buy a box set of DVDs than pay for commercials on a streaming service. Besides, isn't asking me to pay and then watch commercials double dipping? They said, when I left, that the commercials allowed them to offer better conte

  • by Anonymous Coward

    I'm disappointed with this direction all the Streaming Services seem to be taking...

    Instead of excelling by providing a stellar service, they're locking their users in by obtaining "exclusive rights" to content.
    Hulu is the worst of the bunch, their Plus service is a joke - the sole benefits of which are:

    1. You can watch episodes of the most popular running shows the day after airing. (even though you used to be able to do this without Plus and can still watch without plus, a week or so later.

  • by Wain13001 ( 1119071 ) on Tuesday July 15, 2014 @10:23AM (#47456865)

    Does this mean we'll finally get to see episode 201 again? Seeing as how it's not allowed to show on southparkstudios.net

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2... [wikipedia.org]

  • It is actions like this that cause an increase in piracy of content. Taking what used to be free to watch and now charging for it. The content providers are thus promoting the piracy of their own products.

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