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Video Mickey Delp Makes 'Walk Up and Play' Electronic Instruments (Video) 28

There he was at SXSW with a tableful of beeping and booping electronic (musical) instruments made by his company, Delptronics, surrounded by kids and adults listening to and playing the instruments. One of the adults was Slashdot's Timothy Lord, who pointed his videocam at Mickey and asked (slightly paraphrased), "What's going on here?"
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Mickey Delp Makes 'Walk Up and Play' Electronic Instruments (Video)

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  • Can I get my minute back?
    • Didn't miss much. It's just another person trying to suggest that step-sequencers are somehow interesting to non-musicians. Even as a musician myself, I quickly find things get muddy and confusing very quickly, as the connection between action and music is so abstract that I never feel like it's me making the noise.
  • The video: after about six minutes of pointless waffle, the video shows some kids playing with this, for about five seconds. Then back to the waffle.

    • Watching from 5:00 to 6:00 is perfect, thanks!
  • I'm a musician. An instrumentalist, to be precise. Today, I've played my instrument for 8 hours including rehearsals, studying routines and repertoire, and a gig. This article is terrible, really really low quality. It's so crap.

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