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Amazon Will Offer Prime Video At Half-Price In All New Markets For Six More Months ( 34

An anonymous reader writes: Amazon is leaving no stones unturned with its Prime Video, which it expanded to over 200 international markets last December. For the last six months, the company has been offering Prime Video, the sticker price of which is $5.99 or 5.99 Euro a month, at $2.99 or 2.99 Euro as part of its "introductory offer". That introductory offer will now be valid till the end of the year, the company said. In comparison, Netflix charges over $9 every month. According to estimates from last year, Amazon Prime Video has four times as many films available for streaming.
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Amazon Will Offer Prime Video At Half-Price In All New Markets For Six More Months

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  • From TFA:

    Taking many by surprise last December, Amazon announced it was making its on-demand streaming service, for which it would typically charge USD 5.99 a month, available in 242 countries and territories at an introductory price of USD 2.99 or EUR 2.99 per month for the first six months.

    • This pricing is only for regions that do not have a Prime subscription service already available.

    Just looked at Amazon's pricing schedule. $8.99 for Prime Video; $10.99/month; $99/year. So, no, for most of us, this deal doesn't apply.

    • On the other hand, even with all of Amazon Prime bundled in, the one-year subscription is slightly less than a year of Netflix.

      My household has both, mostly because Netflix has more of what we want to watch.

      • by AmiMoJo ( 196126 )

        The only thing I'm interested in on Amazon is The Man In The High Castle. I'd do a one month sub once a year to see the new series of that, if they offered a one month sub.

        Everything else is old, crap or I've seen it anyway. The only reason I subscribe to Netflix more often is that they keep putting out good original content, not crap like The Grand Tour.

        • by bn-7bc ( 909819 )
          And The grand tour and (if you like twitch) twitch prime with one free channel sub, add free twitch and game loot, not a bad deal for 2.99/month. Tho only catch (at least In Norway) is that you have to create a new account at, if you just add amazon prime to your amazon account, you will not get twitch prime. Personaly i find it real good value : 1 free twitch sum @ $4.99 no add (normaly reguires twitch turbo @8.99 rhese are now esentialy free for me as I would sub to anyway f
          • by bn-7bc ( 909819 )
            Ok replying to myself is bad, but ofcorse i forgot somting. If my post seemd to mouch like an ad, I'm sorry as I have no affiliation with amazon at all, not a single share either
      • Agreed, if Prime had the catalog Netflix had, I'd be watching Prime.
    • You stopped reading too soon. The very next sentence in TFA:
      "This pricing is only for regions that do not have a Prime subscription service already available."

    • Just got off the line with an Amazon rep (Indian, by name - THREE of them) and was told this offer DOES NOT APPLY TO THE US

      Isn't it wonderful how our world-wide network works - against the founding country?

      OK, so I'm a bit bitter, but as a totally disabled Viet Nam vet, I was really looking forward to a decent discount for a few months.

      The originating author can go suck desert rocks - and then learn to get his facts straight before posting !

  • When they say X period cheaper, I never look at that amount. Even if it is free. The price I am going to pay is what I will pay afterwards.

    The fact that they might give me an initial promotion is nice, but will not influence my decision.

    Unfortunately a LOT of people look at only that. That is why so many people take a "free sample" and not read that unless they unsubscribe, they need to pay XUSD per month.
    It is a well known fact that people will be happy if they can buy something at 50% off, regardless if t

    • Some people are 'glass is half empty', some people are 'glass is half full.' You are clearly part of the former group.
  • Amazon may offer more films for streaming, but you've got to pay. The actual amount of stuff to watch included free with you subscription is dismal compared to Netflix.
    • I'm really tired of Amazon advertising its shitty shows in front of its good shows. No, that show is shit, so I am not part of the target demographic.

      If I were choosing one service, between Amazon and Netflix, I would choose Netflix just because of the ads on Amazon Prime.

  • Most of my streaming is via Chromecast, which Amazon has chosen to not support well. So even though I have Prime, I almost never watch Amazon videos.

  • > In India, Prime membership continues to be at Rs. 499 per year.

    That's less than a dollar per month.

  • by LordWabbit2 ( 2440804 ) on Wednesday June 28, 2017 @10:48AM (#54704681)
    Where I am you can get a total of 225 movies on Amazon (at launch, fuck knows what it is now) what made it even more annoying is that it would list ALL of the movies, and only when you clicked on a movie it would pop and say it was no available in your area. It's like trying to play whack the mole to get something you could watch. Very bloody annoying and time consuming. I remember wanting to watch a series which was "not available in your geographical area" and thought, "fuck it, torrent the damn thing". This is a prime (pun intended) example of someone wanting and willing to pay for something, but then being forced to pirate it because of geoblocking. Suffice to say I canned the subscription, wake me when you stop all the geoblocking crap.
  • Pretty much by definition, Netflix has more free content than Amazon.

  • I'm going to say Prime probably isn't worth it, but you may find a different answer.

    Netflix has more to offer navigation wise. If you use a game console to use both Netflix has designed their interface to where it will work on any resolution - Amazon pretty much hard-coded their interface to 1080 and screw you if you have a problem with it. Even on the old Wii which was not HD their interface is cumbersome but Netflix is always smooth.

    Prime is going to have The Tick - that might be worth it in and of itse

  • by s1d3track3D ( 1504503 ) on Wednesday June 28, 2017 @03:40PM (#54706933)

    Amazon Prime Video has four times as many films available for streaming.

    Which doesn't matter if you have a new LG or Samsung Smart TV in which Amazon Streaming no longer works... []

    • Also doesn't matter if you're in one of the new markets where their programming is /very/ different. The US comparison is completely irrelevant to this article.

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